Configuring Product Commissions based on a Flat Amount

You can configure Zenoti such that all employees earn a flat amount as commission on selling products. Zenoti first considers the configurations at the item level (in this case, the product level). Learn more: Employee Commissions - An Overview and Configuring Product Commissions at the Product (Item) Level


To configure product commissions based on a flat amount:

  1. Ensure you are at the Organization level. 
  2. Click Admin on the main menu.
    The Admin Dashboard appears. 
  3. Expand Resources
  4. Click Products.
    A list of products appears.
  5. Click Add.
    The Create Product page appears. The commission-related settings appear in the General tab. 
  6. In the General tab, for Commissions option, select Yes
  7. For Commission Adjustment, specify a number in percentage.
    Example: If you specify 50% here, it means employees will get half the amount of commission. Similarly, if you specify 100%, it means employees will get the full amount, and 200% means, employees will get double the amount of commission. 
  8. For Commission Type, select Flat amount.
  9. Enter the flat amount you wish to give as commission.
    Example: If you specify 10 here, it means employees earn $10 as commission each time they sell one unit of that particular product. This also assumes you have specified 100% in the Commission Adjustment field. 
  10. Click Next.
  11. [Optional] Enter or select details for Price, Vendors, Catalog, Variants, and Related products.
  12. Click Finish.

Learn more: Configuring Product Commissions at the Individual Employee Level and Configuring Product Commissions at the Job Level

Worked Example and Impact on Employee Reports

Consider the following:

Settings Values
Cost of product/Product Revenue  Irrelevant - it can be anything
Commission for Product sale is Flat amount $20
Commission Adjustment 100%
Commission earned by employee when one unit is sold $20

If this is the scenario, the Employee Commissions Report, Employee Payroll Summary Report, and Employee Payroll Details Report display details of this commission. See following screenshots for reference. 

Best Practise: To view all the columns of the report, always export these reports - the UI shows fewer columns.   

The Employee Commission Report shows the commission as follows: 


The Employee Payroll Summary Report shows the commission as follows:


The Employee Payroll Details Report shows the commission as follows:


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