Redeeming a Gift Card Online

If your organization sells gift cards online, the guests can use their gift cards to redeem the items online. The guests can redeem only the items that are configured at the organization level (read: Redeeming a Gift Card). When guests enter their gift card numbers to redeem an item online, the system either recognizes the card and adds it as a payment, or displays the following message: "In this invoice you cannot pay more than $0.00." This indicates that the gift card cannot be used to pay for the item the guest selects.

The guests can redeem a gift card online using these steps:

  1. Log on to the website with the username and password.
  2. Click the appropriate category tab such as Gift Card, Services, Products, Memberships, Packages that the guest wants to redeem.
    Note: Based on the organization settings, the card can be redeemed only for specific items.
  3. Browse the catalog and select an item to purchase.
  4. Click Buy Now to make payment.
  5. Verify the personal and delivery information displayed.
  6. In the Payments page:
    • Select GiftCard from the Do you have a drop-box.
    • Enter the gift card number.
      Note: Multiple gift card numbers can be entered for the purchase.
    • Enter the amount to pay for the item that is selected (not the gift card amount, but the price of the selected item).
    • Click Apply.
  7. Click Confirm Order.

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