Configuring Product Commissions based on a Percentage of Sales Price

You can configure Zenoti such that all employees earn a percentage of the sales price as commission on selling a particular product. Zenoti first considers the configurations at the item level (in this case, the product level). Learn more: Employee Commissions - An Overview and Configuring Product Commissions at the Product Level

To configure product commissions based on a percentage of sales price:

  1. Ensure you are at the Organization level. 
  2. Click Admin on the main menu.
    The Admin Dashboard appears. 
  3. Expand Resources
  4. Click Products.
    A list of products appears.
  5. Click Add.
    The Create Product page appears. The commission-related settings appear in the General tab. 
  6. In the General tab, for Commissions option, select Yes
  7. For Commission Adjustment, specify a number in percentage. Example: If you specify 50% here, it means employees will get half the amount of commission. Similarly, if you specify 100%, it means employees will get the full amount, and 200% means, employees will get double the amount of commission. You may also update this field to a higher or lower percentage depending on the time of the year. For instance, you may give an employee 200% commission during a festive season to encourage employees to earn double and during the rest of the year, you may want to retain 100% as the standard value.
  8. For Commission Type, select Percentage of Sales Price.
  9. Enter the percent of sales price you wish to give as commission.
    Example: If a product costs $2000 and you specify 20% here, it means employees earn $400 as commission each time they sell one unit of that particular product. This also assumes you have specified 100% in the Commission Adjustment field. 
  10. Click Next.
  11. [Optional] Enter or select details for Price, Vendors, Catalog, Variants, and Related products.
  12. Click Finish.

Learn more: Configuring Product Commissions at the Individual Employee Level and Configuring Product Commissions at the Job Level

Worked Example and Impact on Employee Reports

Consider the following:

Item Values
Cost of product $2000
Commission for Product sale is Percentage of sales price 20%
Commission Adjustment 100%
Commission earned by employee when one unit is sold $400
Number of units sold 2
Commission earned by employee when two units are sold $800

If this is the scenario, then the Employee Commissions Report, Employee Payroll Summary Report, and Employee Payroll Details Report display details of this commission. See following screenshots for reference. 

Best Practise: To view all the columns of the report, always export these reports - the UI shows fewer columns.

The Employee Commission Report shows the commission as follows: 


The Employee Payroll Summary Report shows the commission as follows:


The Employee Payroll Details Report shows the commission as follows:

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