Setting up a Catalog for an Employee

While the Appointment Book is the primary place from where the front office can book appointments for guests, guests can also book appointments for themselves from the webstore or from the Customer Mobile Application (CMA).

You can help guests make informed choices about therapists by setting up a catalog for therapists. The catalog provides details of the employee's or therapist's qualifications, areas of specialization, and work experience. Guests can view the catalog and decide which therapist they prefer and book appointments accordingly. Similarly, you can use the catalog as a place to promote the work of other employees such as stylists, beauticians, and skin care specialists so that guests can make informed choices while booking appointments for themselves.  

To set up a catalog for an employee:

  1. Ensure you are at the Center level. 
  2. From the main menu, click Employee.
    The Manage Employee window opens.
  3. Search for and click the name of the employee for whom you wish to upload a catalog. 
  4. Select the check box Show in webstore and mobile app to ensure that the name, description, and photograph of the employee appear in the webstore and customer mobile app when guests try to book appointments. 
  5. Enter the Display Name for the employee. 
  6. Enter a Description for the employee. Use this field to enter details such as the qualifications of the employee, the number of years of experience, the awards and accolades received, and the areas of specialization. These details go a long way in giving confidence to guests such that they can trust the employee (therapist, beautician, stylist) to perform the services they want.  
  7. Click Upload to upload an image of the employee so that guests have an idea of who will perform their service. 
    Note: The image must be of the size 800px X800 px in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format. 
  8. Click Save.
    When guests try and book appointments for themselves from the webstore or the CMA, they will be able to view the details (display name, description, and photograph) of the therapist.



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