Specifying Services an Employee Can Perform from the Employee Level

After you map employees to roles, you need to specify the services the employee can perform. This mapping is done especially for employees who discharge services to guests directly such as therapists, beauticians, and stylists. It is these employees who form the backbone of the wellness industry by performing services such as massages, body wraps, hair coloring, hair styling, pedicure, and manicure for guests.  

Important Notes 

  • All employees need not perform services. For example, front office staff (receptionist role), managers (supervisor, marketing manager, and inventory manager roles), and accountants do not perform any services, but are important in the daily running of the business of your center. For such employees, you can skip this step of associating or mapping services to the employee.
  • You can specify the services an employee can perform from the individual Employee level, Job level, and Services level. 

Before you Begin

Ensure you have already set up Service Categories from Organization level > Admin > Categories > Services. 

To specify the services an employee can perform (at the individual employee level):

  1. Ensure you are at the Center level. 
  2. From the main menu, click Employee.
    The Manage Employee window opens.
  3. Click Add
    The Create Employee window opens. 
  4. Click the Services tab.
    Select the Services an employee can perform from the drop-down lists for each Service category. Tip and Best Practise: Select specific services (avoid selecting a category or subcategory of service) as you can see from the following screenshot. Here, Body Scrubs is a category of service - avoid selecting this category. Instead, select specific services such as Accupressure to ensure proper service assignments.

Important: You can also specify services an employee can perform from the Job level (from Employee > Employee > Jobs) and from the Services level (from Admin > Resources > Services > Resources tab). 

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