Purchasing a Gift Card Online

If your organization allows online sale of gift cards, then they will appear as a tab on the online store. When a gift card is purchased online:

  1. The purchaser is given a choice to email the gift card directly to the recipient on the same day or on a later date.
  2. The recipient will then receive an automated email with the gift card details and can later redeem it at the center.

To purchase a gift card online, the buyer needs to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the website with the username and password.
  2. Gift Cards tab.
  3. Select a gift card from the available options and click Buy Now.
  4. The purchase screen displays the price of the card, its value (could be different from price), and the expiration date of the card selected. Enter the following:
    • Select the quantity of gift cards
    • Enter the name of the purchaser
    • Enter the recipient's email address
    • Type a message for the recipient
  5. Select the Send Now or Send Later radio button.
    • Send Now: Sends the gift card in an email to the recipient immediately
    • Send Later: Sends the gift card in an email to the recipient on the chosen date and time
  6. Click Add and Continue to add the purchase to the cart and continue shopping on the website or click Buy Now to pay for the purchase.
    • Add Continue: Click to add the gift card to the shopping cart and continue to browse the website for other items.
    • Buy Now: Click to pay for the purchase. Proceed to step 7 below to proceed with the payment.
  7. In the Personal Info page, verify the details displayed and click Continue.
  8. In the Payments page, select Pay Now to continue to pay online.
  9. Enter or verify the payment information and click Submit.


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