Booking Future Appointments

Many guests like to book their next appointment in advance, especially if it is a busy center, on an occasion, or during holiday periods to insure they’ll get the date and time or therapist they prefer. To support such needs, Zenoti allows you to conveniently book guest appointments for a future date.

Note: This article provides instructions on booking a single appointment for a future date. You can create repeating appointments for services for which a guest comes periodically. To book such appointments refer to How to Book a Repeating Appointment.

To schedule an appointment for a future date:

  1. Ensure that you are at the relevant Center.
  2. Click the Appointment tab to open the appointment book.
  3. Click the date at the top of the appointment book and select the future appointment date from the calendar.
    The appointment book opens for the selected date.
  4. Click an available time slot or requested time for the appointment against the Therapist name, and then click New Appointment.
  5. The Appointment Info panel opens at the bottom of the appointment book.
  6. Enter the guest and service details, just as you do for one-time appointments.
    To learn how to create appointments in Zenoti, read Book an Appointment.
  7. Click any of the below options:
    • Take Payment: Click Take Payment if the guest is willing to make a complete or partial payment for the upcoming appointment. Clicking this will take you to the payment screen where you can process the payment. The appointment saves automatically to the selected day’s appointment book.
    • Save: Click to save the appointment for the selected date (no payment taken).

      The appointment gets saved in the appointment book for the selected date and shows up as an upcoming appointment in the guest profile (guest profile -> Appointment tab).


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