Zenoti Payments: Accept Credit Card Payments Manually in the Desktop POS

You can configure Zenoti Payments to accept credit card payments directly through the desktop POS. That is, you do not require a card reader, and can enter credit card details manually into the POS. This method is not supported in the US and other regions where PCI Compliance is mandatory.  
Note: To take payments from the desktop POS, with a card reader and the Zenoti Mobile POS, read the Zenoti Payments: Set Up Mirror Mode and Zenoti Payments: Accept Card Payments in Mirror Mode articles.

In this article you will learn how to take payments on desktop POS when Zenoti Payments is Configured.

Before you Begin

In Zenoti Payments settings, ensure Enable credit card processing in POS and Save credit cards in POS is selected.

Taking Card Payments on desktop POS

  1. In the appointment book (on the desktop), click the appointment for which you wish to accept a payment and click Take Payment
    The invoice opens.
  2. In the Collect Payment section, click Credit/Debit.
    The card details section appears to the right.
  3. Enter the card details and click Add Payment.
    Online Payment window opens.
  4. Enter the card details and click Submit Payment.
    The transaction details are updated in Zenoti.
  5. Close the invoice using the desired Print or SMS close button.
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