Enable or Disable Reports

Zenoti provides a range of reports across every module. With so many reports available, it is possible that your organization uses only those reports that are applicable to the business. Zenoti allows you to enable the reports that are relevant for your organization and hide the remaining reports from the User Interface (UI). You can always modify the list of visible reports for your organization from the Admin module.

Enabling or Disabling a Report

Note: The permission to enable or disable a report is available only to employees with Owner role.

To enable or disable reports at Organization level:

  1. Ensure you are at the Organization level.
  2. On the main menu, click the Admin tab.
  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Organizations.
  4. In the Edit Organizations page, click the Reports tab.
    The reports in the system are listed by module. 
  5. Expand a module to view the available categories for that module.
  6. Expand a relevant category to view the reports available for that category.
  7. Select the check box next to a report to enable it or clear the check box to disable it.

Note: Disabled reports are not displayed anywhere in the system until you enable them again.

Important Notes

The information below are helpful instructions when you choose to disable reports:

  • Disabled reports aren’t visible for any employees irrespective of their permissions:
    When you disable a report for your organization, no employee will be able to view those reports irrespective of the reports enabled for their role permission (Organization level -> Admin tab -> Organization -> Security Roles).
    Example: If you disable Loyalty Reports, the employees with manager permissions, cannot view any loyalty related reports even though the report is enabled for their security role in the system.
  • Disabled reports aren’t available for selection over daily reports configured to send via email: 
    When you disable a report for your organization, it will no longer be available for selection under the configured Select Daily Reports to be sent by E-mail list (Center level-> Admin -> Centers -> Settings tab -> Reports).
    Example: If the Daily Summary report is disabled, the report will not be available for selection in the Select Daily Reports to be sent by E-mail list.
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