Enter Manual Invoices

If you are not able to access Zenoti due to a network failure or any other reason and issue a manual invoice to a customer, you can enter the manual invoice in Zenoti after you are able to access Zenoti again.

Entering manual invoices in Zenoti allows you to have better accountability and allows tracking through a report (Invoices report).

Note: To enter manual invoices, you must enable the manual invoice setting for your center.

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To Enable Entering of Manual Invoices for your Center:

  1. Select the center for which you wish to enable entering of manual invoices, and on the main menu, click the ADMIN tab.
    The Manage Centers window opens.
  3. Select your center and click the SETTINGS tab.
    You will see settings organized by categories.
  4. Expand the INVOICE & RECEIPT category.
  5. Select the Track manual bills check box.
  6. Enter a descriptive text for the Manual Invoice Label to indicate that a manual invoice is issued. The text you enter here, appears in the Take Payment screen and the closed invoice.

To Enter a Manual Invoice, do the following:

  1. In the Appointment Book, open the Take Payment screen of the guest for who you have issued a manual invoice.
  2. In the Physical Invoice No field (the name of this field varies depending upon the text you entered for the Manual Invoice Label), enter the manual invoice number and click the Save link.
    A message indicating that the invoice number is saved appears. Click OK on the message.
    Note: You will not be able to enter the same manual invoice number twice.


  1. Complete the payment process.
  2. When you open the closed invoice, you will see the manual invoice number as in the screenshot below:
Note: If you enable manual invoices for your center, the invoices report, that is accessible from ADMIN > REPORTS > FINANCIAL > SALES, has a column named PHYSICAL INVOICE NUMBER to help you track invoices that manual invoices have been issued for.
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