Enabling and Using Educator Ratings


Zenoti’s Educator Ratings are built to provide a mechanism for implementing and tracking internal review process for therapists. Your most experienced service providers set the highest standards of service you want to offer. With Educator Ratings, you can designate such employees as Educators and allow them to review and provide ratings for the services completed by other specific therapists.

By mentoring employees and investing in their development, you’ll be able to improve overall service quality and build staff loyalty. Your educators are further supported with the ability to define and track performance goals for each employee using the following reports:

  • Employee Performance Report
  • Educator Ratings Report

Enable Educator Ratings for your Center 

Before you can use Educator Ratings for your therapists, you first need to enable the feature for your center. 

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Make sure you are accessing the center for which you want to enable Educator Ratings.
  2. On the main menu, click Admin.
  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Center, and on the Manage Centers window, click the center name.
  4. On the Edit Center window, click Settings > Appointment Book.
  5. Select the Enable educator association and rating checkbox.
  6. In the box next to Educator rating scale from 1 to, enter a maximum value for your Educator Rating. After you enter the value, your Educator Rating scale starts from 1 and ends at the value that you enter. For example, if you enter 10 in the box, then your Educator Rating scale is defined as 1-10. 

    Important: After a Rating Scale is defined and at least one rating is provided by an Educator, you cannot change the Rating Scale.

Designate Select Employees as Educators

After you enable Educator Ratings for your center, you can select specific employees in your center as Educators. Employees with Owner and Manager roles are marked as Educators by default.

To mark any other employees as Educators, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are accessing the primary center to which the employee belongs.
  2. On the main menu, click Employee.
  3. On the Employee Dashboard, click Employees.
  4. From the list of employees that opens, click the name of the employee you want to mark as Educator.
  5. On the Edit Employee window, in the General tab, scroll down to the Preferences section.
  6. Select the Educator checkbox, and click Save.

Once an Employee is made an Educator, they can go ahead and provide Educator Ratings from the Appointment Book for the services provided by other therapists.

Enter Educator Ratings 

Employees who are marked as Educators in their Employee profiles can provide Educator Ratings to the services provided by the therapists that they oversee. As Educators, you can see other Educators and can provide ratings on their behalf.  

To enter Educator Rating for a service:

  1. On the Appointment Book, click the appointment slot for which you want to give Educator Rating.
  2. From the appointment menu, click Enter Educator Rating. The Educator Rating dialog opens with the default 0 value under the Rating field.
  3. Click the Rating box, and enter a suitable rating for the service. 
  4. Click the Educator list to select the name of an Educator on whose behalf you are providing the rating. Note: The Educator list consists of the names of only the employees who are marked as Eduactors in their employee profile.
  5. Click Ok.
    Note: After you enter an Educator Rating and clock OK, you cannot change the rating.


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