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Despite your best efforts, you cannot accommodate all customers that call in for an appointment on busy days and during peak hours. Turning down customers results in a loss of revenue. Zenoti Waitlist enables you to recapture a potential business loss resulting from no-shows or cancellations. Waitlist allows you to capture customer request information that your receptionists can use to call if a preferred time slot or therapist becomes available. By doing so, you are not only going the extra mile to accommodate a customer, but also increasing your center revenues.

Important Notes:

  • Waitlists are connected to the date on the appointment book. To add a Wailist entry for a different date, change the date of the appointment book to the required day.
  • For guests with multiple service requests , you need to add a separate Waitlist entry for each service.
  • While it is recommended to create a guest record for first time guests, it is not mandatory. 

How to Add a a Guest to Waitlist

Follow these steps to add a guest request to a Waitlist:

  1. On the top panel of the appointment book, click the Waitlist  icon.
  2. Click the Add to Waitlist tab. 
  3. For an existing guest, in the Search box, start typing the name, phone number, or email address of the guest, and select a guest record from the list of suggestions that pop up.
  4. For a first time guest, click the New Guest link above the Search box, and start creating a new guest record. 
    Note: If the guest didn't share required information to create a new guest record, enter the name of the guest in the Search box, and continue to enter the information about the service request, as described in step 5 below. 
    • FieldDescription
      Name Enter the first name and the last name of the guest. These are mandatory for creating a new guest record. 
      Mobile Enter the cell phone number of the guest. Depending on the Mobile Number is Not Mandatory setting for your organization, entering a guest's mobile number is made required or optional.
      Gender Select the gender of the guest. Depending on your organization setting, it is either required or optional . 
      Code Enter a unique code for the guest. Optional
      Email Enter the email address of the guest. Optional
      Note: The required fields to add a new guest to your database depend on your organization settings. 
  5. Enter the complete details of the guest's service request, including their preferred time slots.
    Service Required

    Start typing the name of the service and select a name from the list of auto suggestions.

    Note: You must select a service name from the list of suggestions. Do not type a new service name in the box. 

     Request Optional

    Select one of these options:

    • Any: The guest doesn't have preference associated with therapists.  It is the default option.
    • Male: The guest has requested for a male therapist.
    • Female: The guest has requested for a female therapist.
    • Specific. The guest has requested for a specific therapist working in your center. 


    This options is displayed only if the Specific option is selected in the Request list.

    Shows the list of therapists available in the center for the day. Select the name of the therapist who has been requested by the guest. 



    Select the start and end times between which the guest is available or prefers an appointment. 
    Add Note


    Click the link and enter any useful notes that the guest has provided. If this Waitlist item is changed as appointment, the notes entered in this box are converted as Appointment Notes. 
  6. Click WaitlistThe details you enter are saved in the Manage Waitlist tab. If the guest has another service request, repeat the steps above to add it as a separate Waitlist entry. 

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