What is an Opportunity or a Sales Lead?

What is an Opportunity or a Sales Lead?

An Opportunity or a Sales Opportunity is essentially a Sales Lead that represents a potential customer who may contribute to your revenue. You can use Opportunities to sell Memberships, Packages, Products, or Services. However, it makes most sense to use Opportunities to drive your Memberships and Packages because these segments tend to get in higher revenues by their sheer volumes.

You can create an Opportunity for any guest or caller who expresses interest in purchasing a Membership, Package, Product, or Service, but has not yet made the actual purchase. For the same reason, Zenoti makes it easy for you to create Opportunities or Sales Leads when a Membership or Package is due to expire. An Opportunity is therefore a potential sale to a new or existing customer that you have not yet closed.

Since every single Opportunity represents a potential for revenue generation, it is a good idea for you to keep Opportunity-related details up-to-date so as to ensure that Reports are updated accordingly and decision makers - Center Managers, Sales Owners, Call Center Executives - have access to the latest information at their fingertips to convert these Opportunities to actual sales.

When would you want to create an Opportunity?

You may want to create an Opportunity or a Sales Lead in any of the following instances.

Who owns Opportunities or Sales Leads?

You can create Opportunities only at the Center level because this is where your actual business is and this is where you get your revenues.

You can assign a default Sales Owner for all Opportunities at the Center level. That is, irrespective of the means by which an Opportunity was created (walk-in, phone call, click on website, Membership expiry, Package expiry, or Opportunity Campaign), the Sales Owner you specify at the Center level, owns all Sales Opportunities of the Center. If you do not specify a default Sales Owner at the Center in this manner, the application assigns the Center Manager (employee with Manager role permissions) as the Sales Owner for all Sales Opportunities for the Center.

Tips for Using Opportunities to Impact Business

Here are a few tips for you to use Opportunities or Sales Leads to make an impact on your business.

  • Use Opportunities or Sales Leads to give incentives to (employees who are) Sales Owners.
    Example: Offer higher cuts to the Sales Owners for newly launched Products or Services. This would mean that if a Sales Owner is able to sell a new Product such as a new hair color or a new service such as say liposuction, then offer higher commission to such a Sales Owner. Similarly, offer higher cuts to the Sales Owners when they are able to sell a higher tiered Membership such as a Platinum Membership or when they are able to sell high-end Packages.
    Important: Zenoti does not support rolling out such an incentive plan for Sales Owners. This is merely to give you an example of how you can encourage your Sales team towards higher conversion rates of Sales Leads.
  • Use Reports to get insights into your business and gauge where you can generate more Opportunities.
    Example: Suppose you generate Sales reports for Services, Products, Packages, and Memberships, you will understand which segment is fetching you maximum revenues. From these reports, you may gain the insight that the Packages are the biggest revenue earners; your organization can then focus on creating more Opportunities from Packages.
  • Import your previous Sales Leads into Zenoti to track and try and convert them into sales, if you have recently moved to the Zenoti platform.
  • Diligently record the changing status of an Opportunity.
    Example: Mark an Opportunity as Active - indicating that the Lead has shown interest in a Package, Membership, Service or Product and then use the Follow Up date (from Reports) and then again mark the Opportunity as Won or Lost depending on if the prospect bought anything.
  • Actively focus on the Opportunities Pending Follow Up Daily Report - Center Managers can use this report to check how the Sales team is doing and if there are any slip-ups. Seeing this report, Center Managers can follow up with Sales agents and alert them about follow-up calls that need to be made.
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