Introduction to Loyalty Points and Loyalty Programs in Zenoti



A loyalty program is a rewards program offered by an organization to their guests as an incentive to make them spend more or to encourage them to continue frequenting their organization instead that of a competitor.

In a typical loyalty program implemented using Zenoti:                           

  1. The profile of the guests availing services or purchasing products are stored in the system with a unique ID, which is usually a mobile number.
  2. Each time a guest avails a service, purchases a product, or performs certain actions like referring a friend, "reward points" or "loyalty points" are added to the associated guests’ profile.
  3. The accrued loyalty points can then be used by the guest to pay for services or buy products.

Types of Loyalty Programs in Zenoti

 Zenoti gives you a platform to define, view, and redeem loyalty points accrued through loyalty program.

 You can configure two types of loyalty program in Zenoti:

Regular Loyalty Program

  • Amount spent for availing services or purchasing products, and specific actions, for example, referring a friend or sharing feedback etc., results in accrual of pre-defined loyalty points.

Tiered Loyalty Program

  • Is available only to customers with an Enterprise license.
  • Based on the amount spent by the guests (to avail services, buy products, etc.,) over a specified time period, guests are segregated into tiers.
  • Higher the amount spent, higher is the tier.
  • For the same amount spent, a guest in a higher tier is awarded more loyalty points than a guest in a lower tier.

Regular vs Tiered Loyalty Program

Program Regular Tiered
Enrollment Automatic Automatic/Manual
Points accrued on Amount spent for configured actions Total amount spent and for performing configured actions
Points on Pre/Post-Tax Supports Both Only Post-Tax (unless configured)
Invoice Closure Required Not Required (unless configured)
Points Accrual Immediate At the close of business
Points Expiry No Yes
Points When Using Pre-paid card Available Not Available
Promotions Available Not Available
Target Segments Available Available
Points Redemption Point of Sale Point of Sale
Refunds Points not Reduced Points Reduced
Reports Available Available 


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