Report: Text Usage Report

If your organization uses SMS messages to notify guests about any transactions or promotions, you can use the Text Usage report to view details of the following:

  • All the text messages (both transactional and promotional SMS messages) sent by your center in a certain time period.
  • Status of the SMS messages (if delivered or not).
  • Verify if the numbers that the SMS messages are being sent to and the numbers the guests are currently using are the same.

Note: For easy distinction, if the numbers are not the same, they are marked in red. 


Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. Make sure you have selected the center for which you want to run the report.
  2. On the Main menu, click the Reports tab.
  3. On the Reports Dashboard, click Operational > Text Usage (from filter).
  4. Click Text Usage. The report opens in a new tab.
  5. Click Refresh to see the report. To export the report, on the top right side of the report, click the Excel  or .CSV  icons.

Filter Criteria

Criteria Options Description
Notification 45 Notifications

Select any of the 45 listed notifications for which you wish to see the text usage by your center.
Select All to see the text usage of all notifications.
Note: These notifications are from the list of notifications templates that you can activate at the Organization level (Admin > ORGANIZATIONS > EMAIL/TEXTS tab)

Time Period

1 month, Custom

Based on your requirement, from the drop-down list, select either 1 month or Custom.
Note: For custom dates, you can view data for a maximum date range of 6 months at a time.

Example: If you wish to see data from January to August, first view data from January to June and then view data from July to August.

Search Box Guest Name, Mobile, Email, or Code You can use this search box to search for a guest and see the text messages sent to the guest.


Column Descriptions

Column Description
GUEST CODE The code assigned to the guest.
GUEST NAME The name of the guest.
TEMPLATE The template used by the notification. The templates are configured at the Organization level in Admin > ORGANIZATIONS > EMAIL/TEXTS tab.
MESSAGE The actual text message sent to the guest
STATUS The status can be SENT, PENDING, or ERROR
REASON The reason why the message is in pending or error state
SENT ON The date and time when the message was sent
SENT TO The number to which the message was sent
Note: If the Sent To and the Guest Mobile numbers are not the same, this field is marked in red
GUEST MOBILE The number that is currently registered in Zenoti for a particular guest.
Note: If the Sent To and the Guest Mobile numbers are not the same, this field is marked in red.
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