Configuring a Regular Loyalty Program

You can use Zenoti to configure a Regular Loyalty program in your organization. You can define how guests can accrue points by purchasing specific services, products, or performing specific configured actions and later redeem them.

Note: The Regular Loyalty Program is configured at the organization level and is applicable to all centers within your organization.


To configure a Regular Loyalty Program in Zenoti: 

  1. Ensure you are at the Organization level, and on the main menu, click the ADMIN tab.
    The Edit Organization window opens.
  3. Click the POINTS tab.
  4. For the Loyalty Points Program Type, select Regular loyalty program.

Based on your requirements, complete the following options:

  1. Send loyalty points expiry reminder

    Specify how many days before the loyalty points expire must the guest receive a reminder that the points are about to expire.

    To add a reminder, click Add reminder and enter the number of days before the points expiry you want the reminder to be sent.

    Example: If you enter 14 in this field, a reminder is sent to all the guests whose loyalty points are set to expire after 14 days.
    You can specify as many as 5 expiry reminders to be sent out at configured intervals. To add additional reminders, click Add reminder and enter the number of days.
    The screenshot below shows 5 reminders to be sent out at various intervals before points expiry:

    Note: To configure and send loyalty points expiry reminder in a Regular Loyalty Program, you must be aware of the following:
  2. Loyalty points accrual and redemption using
    Specify if loyalty points must be accrued and redeemed on the Pre-Tax or the Post-Tax amount. 
    To see how your selection affects the guests and the organization, see Regular Loyalty Program: Loyalty Points Accrual and Reversal.
  3. Points accrual type for rebooked services
    Allows you to reward guests with additional points when they rebook a service.
    You can select one of the following options: 
    • Flat value: Specify if fixed number of points should be rewarded for rebooking a service in addition to the points the guest accrues for availing the service.
    • Based on amount spent: Specify if points should be awarded as per the FOR AMOUNT SPENT criteria defined for Rebook a service.
      Example for Flat Value: Consider the screenshot below:

      If a guest rebooks a service worth $100, and the accrual type is Flat value, the points are accrued as follows:
      Action Points Accrued
      Purchase a Service 20
      Rebook a Service 30
      Total Points Accrued 50

      Example for Based on amount spent: Consider the screenshot below:

      If a guest rebooks a service worth $100, and the accrual type is Based on amount spent, the points are accrued as follows: 
      Action Points Accrued
      Purchase a Service 0
      Rebook a Service 40
      Total Points Accrued 40

      Note: A guest is considered to have rebooked when:
      1. The guest visits a center, avails a service, and the invoice is closed.
      2. The guest makes another booking on the same day (either at the center or online (Webstore or CMA)).
  4. Loyalty Points Statement
    Allows you to send loyalty points statement to guests by email or text messages on periodic basis.
    ​If you select this option, the following options are made available:

    • Send statement starting from: Select a date (either today or a date in future), starting which, the loyalty points statement is sent to the guests. Use the Edit loyalty point statement template to make changes to the statement that goes out to your guests. For more information, see Configuring Email/Text Notification for Loyalty Points Balance Statement
    • Statement frequency: Specify the statement frequency in months. After sending out a statement, Zenoti waits for the number of months you specify in this field (between 1 and 12) before sending out another statement.
      Example: If you select 1, Zenoti sends out loyalty points statement once every month. 
      The next statement date is auto calculated and is determined by your entry in the Send statement starting from and Statement frequency fields.
    • For Loyalty Points Statement you must be aware of the following:
      • For guest's to receive Loyalty Points Statements, the Email/Text Notification template for Loyalty Points Statement must be turned on. For information on configuring the notification, see Configuring Email/Text Notification for Loyalty Points Balance Statement.
      • Every guest whose loyalty points balance is not zero receives the statement.
      • The statement is sent to the guest usually 1-2 hours before your center opens.
    Choose to activate any of the 15 pre-defined actions and specify the points to be awarded for each action. All the actions have been explained here
    1. Restrict loyalty points program to members only
      Regular Loyalty Program is by default available to all guests. To restrict the program to guests with membership, select this option.
    2. Round Points
      Use this option to specify if the loyalty points must be rounded up or down.
        • Up: Select if the system must round up the loyalty points to a higher value.
        • Down: Select if the system must round down the loyalty points to a lower value.
          If a guest spends $25, and if 1 point is awarded for every $10 spent, then the guest will earn 2.5 points. Based on the selection the points are rounded as follows:
          • Up: The points are rounded to 3.
          • Down: The points are rounded to 2.
    3. Payments that Award Points
      Zenoti by default awards points for monetary payments made by using cash, card and check. Custom payments, if configured, also result in points accrual.  Learn more about Loyalty Point Accrual on Custom Payments.
      The configurable option in this section is:
      • Award points for Pre-paid card payments: By default, purchases using pre-paid cards do not result in points accrual.
        Select this field to allow points accrual on purchases using pre-paid cards as well.
    4. Redemption Settings
      Use this section to specify the following redemption criteria:

      1. Minimum points allowed for points redemption is: Specify the minimum number of loyalty points that the guest must redeem on an invoice.
        Example: If you enter 100 in this field, the guest must redeem no less than 100 loyalty points on an invoice.
      2. Maximum points required for redemption in an invoice: Specify the maximum number of loyalty points that can be redeemed either as a number or as a percentage of the invoice.
        • If you specify a number, that number is the maximum number of points that can be redeemed in an invoice.
          Example: If you enter 1000 in this field, the guest can redeem no more than 1000 loyalty points in an invoice.
        • Specify a maximum value in terms of the percentage of the invoice that a guest can pay using loyalty points.
          Example: If you specify 10%, and the invoice amount is $100, the guest can redeem points equal to only $10.
      3. 1 loyalty point is equal to: Enter the currency value for 1 loyalty point. 
        Example: If you enter 0.20 in this field, and organizations unit of currency is Dollar, then each loyalty point is equal to 20 Cents.
      4. Loyalty points can be redeemed on: Specify if the guest can redeem points against Products, Services, Series and Custom Packages, and Day Packages.
      5. Calculate commission on point redemption amount as a Free Service: This field is clear by default, Meaning, no commission is paid to the service provider for the invoice amount paid through loyalty points. 
        Select this field if the service provider should be paid a commission as per the slab set for the Free Service Revenue. The commission then is paid on payments made via cash, card, check, or configured custom payments.
    5. Click Save
      The Regular Loyalty program is configured for your organization.

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