Using Turnaways

During busy days, there can be instances where guest requests cannot be accommodated due to unavailability of therapist slots, service rooms, or other resources. When there is no possibility to book an appointment for such guests, the front desk can mark them as ‘turnaways’. 

Zenoti enables you to record the details around turnaways, including specific reasons that the front desk staff must select for each turnaway.

You can track all your center's turnaways and gain key insights using the Turnaways Report

Adding a New Turnaway 

Follow these steps to add a turnaway in the system:

  1. On the top panel of the appointment book, click the Turnaways  icon.
    The Turnaways sidebar opens.
  2. Click the ADD A TURNAWAY tab. 
  3. Depending on whether or not you are creating a new guest record, enter the following guest information:
    • Existing guest or a new guest for whom you aren't creating a guest record:
      Name Required Enter the first name and the last name of the guest. If it is an existing guest, select the name from the list of auto-suggestions that pop-up as you type the first name. 
      Mobile Optional Enter the cell phone number of the guest. 
    • New guest for whom you want to create a guest record:
      1.  On the top right corner of the Add a Turnaway panel, click the New Guest link.
      2. Enter these guest details:
        Name Enter the first name and the last name of the guest. 
        Mobile Enter the cell phone number of the guest. 
        Gender Select the gender of the guest. 
        Code Enter a unique code for the guest.
        Email Enter the email address of the guest.
  4. Next, enter the remaining details pertaining to the turnaway:
    Service Optional Start typing the name of the service and select a name from the list of auto-suggestions. Note that if you type a service name that is not in the suggestions, the system doesn't save the service name in the turnaway details. 
     Request Optional Enter if the guest has any specific therapist request or the gender of the therapist. 


    (Displays only if the Specific option is selected in the Request list.)

    Shows the list of therapist who can perform the selected service and are available on the given day. Select the name of the therapist who has been requested by the guest. 


    Select the start and end times between which the guest has asked for an appointment. 


    Select the reason due to which the guest had to be turned away. Note that only the default system reasons and any specific reasons configured for your organization are shown here. 


    Enter useful notes around the reason for the turnaway. Reasons along with notes provide critical information towards improving your operations.
  5. Click Save to add the turnaway in the systemYou can edit the turnaway from the Manage Turnaways tab on the Turnaways panel. 

Creating Turnaway Reasons

Only Managers and Owners can create turnaway reasons. Learn about Zenoti Security roles

Zenoti ships with the following reasons by default: 

  • Outside center timings
  • Center fully booked
  • Requested therapist fully booked
  • Requested therapist unavailable
  • Day Package: Resources Unavailable
  • Room unavailable

However, you can create more turnaway reasons based on your requirements. 

These turnaway reasons along with the notes that your employees enter helps you revise your center’s operations and make necessary changes such as recruiting more therapists, revising shift schedules, and adding more service rooms.

To Add a Turnaway Reason

  1. Make sure you select the organization view.
  2. On the main menu, click Admin.
  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Setup > Reasons > Add.
  4. On the Create a New Reason window, click Type, and select Turnaways from the list.
  5. Enter a Name, Code, and Description for the turnaway reason. Note that the code must be unique for each reason. 
  6. Select the Active checkbox. Note that the system shows only active reasons while adding turnaways. If you do not want the reason to show up in while creating a turnaway, clear the Active checkbox.

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