Integrating Zenoti with Facebook


You can integrate Zenoti with Facebook and use Zenoti to post on your organization’s Facebook page.

To integrate Zenoti with Facebook, you must do the following:

  1. Create a Facebook App for your organization
  2. Generate an Access Token
  3. Add the Access Token in Zenoti

Any center in your organization can make Facebook updates from Zenoti. However, all the posts made from Zenoti are posted only on the Facebook page you configure at the organization level. 

To create a Facebook App for your organization, perform the steps described in this link:

While creating the App, ensure you do the following:

  • When you perform step 4 from the above link, choose platform as Website (WWW).
  • When you are at step 7 of the above link, in the App Dash Board, select Status and Review and make the App Public.

To access the Facebook App that you created in the previous step, you will require an Access Token.

To create an Access Token, do the following:

  1. Login to
  2. On the Home page, click Tools & Support.
    The Tools page opens.
  3. Select Graph API Explorer.
    The Graph API Explorer page opens.
  4. From the Application drop-down list, select the App that you created previously.
  5. From the Get Token drop-down list, select Get User Access Token.
    The Select Permission popup appears.
  6. Make selections as per the screenshot below and then click Get Access Token button. 
    A Facebook login page appears.

  7. To continue, click OK.
    A page asking Who do you want to share these posts with? appears.
  8. Based on your requirement, make your selection and click OK.
    Manage your Pages page appears.
  9. If you wish to manage your pages, click the Choose what you allow link, else click OK
    The Access Token field in the Graph API Explorer page now shows the Access Token.
  10. To manage your posts on the Facebook Page, in the Graph API box, replace the text after “me” (?fields=id, name) with /accounts, and click the Submit button.From the Graph API syntax snippet, copy the Token ID of the access_token parameter. Paste the Token ID in a Notepad.
  11. Click Tools & Support and click Access Token Tool.
    The Access token tool page opens.
  12. Against the User Token of your App, click Debug.
    The Access Token details are displayed. The Access Token is valid for 1 hour (default).
  13. To extend the validity of the Access Token, paste the Token ID (you copied in Step 10) into the Access Token field, click Debug, and finally click the Extended Access Token button.
    The system prompts you to re-enter your password to continue.
    An Extended Access Token (valid for 60 days) is generated. Copy the token in a Notepad.
  1. Login to your organization’s portal.
  2. Ensure you are at the organization level and navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Social.
  3. Under the Facebook section, in the Access Token box, paste the token that you have saved in the Notepad, and click Test.
    Successfully connected to Facebook” message appears. 

  4. Click OK on the message, and click Save.
    You have successfully integrated Facebook with Zenoti.
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