Configuring Email/Text Templates for Issue Notifications

Automated text messages (SMS) and email notifications can be sent to specific users along with the issue owner to keep them informed about the issue. It enables the issue owner to keep track of any new issues assigned to them. The notification can be customized to include details such as center details, guest name, issue description etc.

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Configure and Customize Issue Create Email or Text Message (SMS) Template

To configure the text messages (SMS) and email template with your personal messages, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are at the Organizational level.
  2. On the main menu, click the Admin tab.
    The Admin Dashboard appears.
  3. On Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Organizations. The Manage Organization window opens.
  4. Click Email/Texts tab.
  5. To edit the email and SMS templates, under the Employees section, click Edit next to Issue Create.

  6. Configure the following settings in the Edit Organization window:
    • Issue Create - Email 
      1. To send automated emails, select Turn this automated email on check box.
      2. To send an email copy (Cc), click Add to include recipients by Username, employee Role or Email.
        Note: For recipients added by Role, all employees mapped to the role selected at the guest's base center, will receive the email notification.
      3.   Edit the Subject field and use the Available Macros if required.
      4.  Use the Available Macros to customize the content for Plain Text and HTML emails. Depending on the recipient's browser, the email will be delivered as plain text (no formatting and images) or HTML text (includes images, links and formatting).
        Note: Click the Full Screen icon  in the editor to edit the text in full screen mode.
    • Issue  Create - Text Messages (SMS) 
      1. To send automated text messages, select the Turn this automated message on check box.
      2. To Forward a message automatically, click Add to include recipients by Username, employee Role or PhoneNo.
        Note: For recipients added by Role, all employees mapped to the role selected at the guest's base center, will receive the message.
      3. Use the  Available Macros to customize text messages.
        Note: Messages with more than 160 alphanumeric characters will require two or more text (SMS) credits. Messages with one or more Unicode characters (international/multilingual text characters) will require one text credit for every 70 characters.
    1. Click Save.

    Available Macros

    A macro is a placeholder text that gets replaced with specific data when inserted into an automated email/text message. Use the below macros to customize emails/text messages to include information such as organization name, guest name, center details etc. For example, the [OrgName] macro gets replaced with the organization name.

    Available MacrosDescription


    Name of the organization


    Name of the center in which the issue was created


    First name of the employee who raised the issue


    Last name of the employee who raised the issue


    Primary phone number of the guest's base center (corresponds to the Phone 1 field in the center settings)


    Secondary phone number provided for the guest's base center (corresponds to the Phone 2 field in the center settings)


    Title of the issue that summarizes what issue is


    Description of the issue


    Type of the issue


    Email address of the guest's base center


     Link to unsubscribe from transactional emails. Once guests unsubscribe, they will not receive any transaction related email, including appointment related emails


    Priority of the issue - High, Medium, or Low


    Name of the guest who raised the issue


    Date on which issue was created in the system. The date is in the format set at the organization level.

There are several possible reasons why an email/text message is not delivered to an employee. Below mentioned are some common scenarios and troubleshooting tips.  

  •  Navigate to Admin > Organization >Settings and ensure Activate email and Active text message fields are selected.
  •  Navigate to Admin > Organization >Email/Texts and ensure the Issue Create template is turned On in the EMAIL/TEXTS tab.
  • Verify that there are enough email and text (SMS) credits in the center to send notifications. You can view your available credits in the right panel at the organization/center level. Contact Support to add credits.
  • Check for the following in the Employee Profile:
    • Ensure that Receive Transactional Emails and Receive Transactional Text Messages (SMS) check boxes are selected.
    • Verify if the employee has a valid phone number/email address.
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