Employee Dashboard - An Overview

The Employee Dashboard gives you a personalized view of your monthly schedules, appointments, and payroll details. As an employee, you can view or print your schedules and payroll information using this dashboard.


This article covers the following sections:

Before You Begin

To start using the Employee Dashboard, your Zenoti account must be configured for the feature. Contact Zenoti Support for more information.



Do one of the following to open the Employee Dashboard:

  • From the Appointment Book: On the bottom panel of the Appointment Book, click your login account name, and then click My Dashboard.
  • From the Admin module: On the top-right corner of the Admin module, click your login account name, and then click My Dashboard.
    Your dashboard appears. In the left panel of your dashboard, you can view the following links:


Depending on your security role, the menu options you get to view on the top of your screen may differ. 


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