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Before you can start using this feature, ensure the following are in place:

  • You must have a subscription with Knowlarity Smart IVR facility.
  • The Knowlarity integration is available as part of Zenoti’s Enterprise plan. Contact Support for more information.
  • You need to provide your Knowlarity Username, Password, and IVR ID to set up the integration.
  • Your Zenoti account needs to be configured for this feature. Contact Support to do this.
  • Set up separate phone numbers for each agent in their Employee Profile or set up a common agent phone number for a particular Center. 


This article covers the following topics. 


Knowlarity is a virtual phone system that you can integrate with Zenoti to manage your guest communication more effectively. Using Knowlarity, you can:

  • Get greater visibility into guest communication by providing access to detailed call logs, such as number of calls, date and time of calls, and the duration of the connected calls.
  • Automate call recording and get easy access to the recordings.
  • Filter leads based on the status of the follow-up calls.
  • Tack agent performance in reaching out and convincing prospective customers.

How does the Zenoti-Knowlarity integration work?

After the Zenoti-Knowlarity integration is successfully set up, you can directly make calls to prospects from the Opportunity pages. When an agent clicks the Click-to-Call button  for an Opportunity, Knowlarity first calls up the agent phone number, and when the agent answers the call, Knowlarity then makes a call to the customer number. If the customer answers the call, a communication is established, and the Call Status is considered to be Connected. If customer does not pick the call, the call is considered as Not Connected. The Call Status (Connected or Not Connected) is updated in Zenoti after each call.

See image below for step in the process.

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Configuring  Phone Numbers of Agents

To make calls from Zenoti directly, you need to first configure the phone numbers of the Agents in the application. You can configure the phone numbers in one of the following ways:

  • Individual Agent numbers: If you want to assign separate phone numbers for each agent, you can do so from Employee Profile: Employee Dashboard > Employees > [Employee Name Link] > General > Agent Phone.
  • Single Center-wide number for all Agents: If you have a common number for all Agents, you can enter the number in the Center level settings: Admin Dashboard > Organizations > Centers > [Center Name Link] > General > Agent Phone.

Note: The Agent Phone Number field is shown in the Employee Profile or in the Center settings only when Knowlarity integration is configured for the Center.

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Making Calls Directly from Zenoti

To make calls to your prospects directly from Zenoti:


  1. On the Zenoti main menu, click Sales.
  2. On the Sales Dashboard, click Opportunities.
  3. The Opportunities page shows the list of open Opportunities along with their Call Status. Click the title of the Opportunity you want to call.
  4. On the Edit Opportunity window, click the General tab.
  5. Next to Guest Name, click the Click-to-Call  button. After you click the button, the system makes a call to the Agent’s number. After an Agent picks the call, the system dials the customer’s number. When the customer answers the call, a successful communication is established.

After every attempt to make a call, the following information is updated in the Opportunity Summary tab:

  • If the call is connected, the date, time, and duration of the call is displayed along with a link to download the call recording. 
  • If the call is not connected, the date and time of dialing the guest appear as follows:


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Filtering Opportunities by Call Status 

To filter Opportunities based on Call Status:

  1. On the Zenoti main menu, click Sales.
  2. On the Sales Dashboard, click Opportunities.
  3. The Opportunities page shows the list of opportunities along with their Call Status. Click the Search for Opportunities By tab to expand it.
  4. Set up other filter criteria, and click the Call Status list to select one of these options:
    • Connected: Shows customers who have been contacted successfully.
    • Not Connected: Shows customers who were not contacted or could not be reached. 
    • Any: Shows all the customers, whether or not they were contacted. 

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Troubleshooting Tips

  • I get an error: You must configure agent number to connect the call with guest. How should I resolve this?
    This error occurs if you did not configure an agent phone number both, in the Employee Profile and in the Center settings. Learn how to configure agent numbers in Zenoti
  • Why am I unable to see the Agent Number field?
    You can view the Agent Number field in the General tab of both the Employee Profile and the Center settings only after Knowlarity is successfully integrated with Zenoti, If you cannot see the field, contact Support to further troubleshoot any integration issues.
  • Where can I see the list of my calls?
    You can access your call log by signing in to your Knowlarity account.

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