Working With Two-Way Text (SMS) Confirmations


Zenoti enables you to send automated appointment confirmation requests to guests through text messages. The guest can respond via text message. This system reduces manual work involved in confirming appointments. 

You can choose when the confirmation request should  be sent. Typically these are set to trigger 24 hours before the guest's appointment. You can also customize the confirmation message.

Contact Support to configure this feature for you.


Before you can start using this feature, ensure the following are in place:

  • Your account has been configured for this feature. Contact Support to do this.
  • Activate text message capabilities for your account. To do this, go to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General and select the Activate text message (SMS) checkbox. You must have 'owner' permissions to do this.
  • Compose appointment reminder and confirmation texts. To do this, go to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Email/Texts, and click the Edit link for Appointment Reminder or Appointment Confirmation options. The system opens two separate editors for Email and Text Messages(SMS), where you can type the message and insert macros for dynamic content. 
  • Ensure you have text message credits available. To check your balance, go to Admin > Organization > Centers and click the center name. The balance is displayed in the right-side panel. Contact Support to purchase credits. Note that appointment reminder and confirmation texts use one SMS credit each. 


Managing Customer Responses

You can track and manage all responses from the appointment book in the Text Message Replies window. This window shows a list of all guests that were sent the text message and any response. If your system is set to accept 'Y' as a confirmation, your appointment book will automatically update the appointment block as being confirmed.

You can follow-up on all other replies as well as any guests that did not reply at all from this window. For example, if a guest responded with "Yes", you should manually update the appointment as confirmed. To do this, click on the appropriate appointment block and click Change Status > Confirm

To view the replies:

  • On the top right hand side of the appointment book, click the  icon. The system opens the Text Message Replies screen.

The following are some of the possible follow up actions depending on the reply:

  • If the guest confirms the appointment, but using an incorrect confirmation text, go ahead and manually confirm the appointment. Click the appointment box, and then click Change Status > Confirm
  • To cancel the appointment, click the appointment, and then click Change Status > Cancel.
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