How to Apply Krishi Kalyan Cess to Open Invoices

If you want to add Krishi Kalyan Cess component to service tax, refer to this article: How to Krishi Kalyan Cess Component to Service Tax.

After you add the Krishi Kalyan Cess component to the relevant tax groups in Zenoti, the system shows the following alert on the POS window for all the open service invoices, including for partial payments.  

To apply the tax changes to existing appointments

  1. Click the appointment box, and then click Take Payment.
  2. The system opens the POS window. To apply the updated tax to the invoice, click the here link on the alert, and the system automatically applies the updated tax.

    Note that even for partial payments, clicking the link results in applying the taxes to the whole base prices of the services, and not just to the remaining dues.
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