How to Enable and Print the Insurance Statement

Zenoti supports printing insurance statements for centers based in Canada. 

You can print an insurance statement for all service bookings in Zenoti. The system shows the link to print the statement on the top right hand corner of the POS window for service-related invoices. However, you need to enable the option to print the insurance statements in the Invoice and Receipt settings (Admin>Organizations>Center>Settings>Invoice and Receipt) to show the link. 

Enable the Insurance Statement for your Center

 Follow these steps to enable the insurance statement:

  1. Make sure you select the center for which you want to enable the insurance receipt.
  2. On the Zenoti main menu, click Admin.
  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Centers.
  4. On the Mange Centers window, click the name of your center.
  5. On the Edit Centers window, click Settings > Invoice and Receipt.
  6. Click Create/Edit Insurance Statement Template to open separate editors for formatting the statement header and footer.
  7. From the Available Macros box, copy the details you want to include in the header, and paste them in the editor. Format the select macros using the options in the formatting toolbar.
  8. Similarly, include the necessary details and formatting for the footer.
    Refer to the following articles on how to add images to the Zenoti system and include them in editor: Creating Email Announcements and Using Images in your Emails.
  9. Click Save to save the header and footer, and go back to the Edit Center window.
  10. Click Save to enable the insurance statement for your center.

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Print the Insurance Statement

After you enable the Insurance receipt for a center, the Insurance icon appears on the top right hand corner of Point of Sale (POS) window for all service-related invoices. Click the link to view the insurance statement, and then print it. The insurance statement is printed on A4 size paper.

The system prints the following details for each service:

  • Guest Name
  • Service Date: Date on which the service is taken
  • Service Name
  • Duration of the service: Defined service time
  • Service Price
    Learn how the service price is calculated for the insurance
  • Therapist's Name and RMT Number: Details of the therapist who performed the service
  • Tax Applied
  • Total: Total Price after all additions or deductions are taken into account.

The system prints the receipts based on the following factors:

  • If you set up a template for header and footer when enabling the statement, the receipt is printed as per the template. If you haven't configured the template, the system uses the default receipt settings at the organizational level. If you haven't configured anything at the organization level for the receipt, the default system receipt format is used.
  • For each service in the invoice, the system shows the insurance statement on a separate page.

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How is the Service Cost Calculated

The amount that the guest needs to pay for a service varies based on several factors, such as the guest's membership or package buying history and the discounts offered by the center. For example, if the guest redeems a membership service credit, the invoice shows the amount payable as 0, but the insurance statement cannot consider 0 as the service price, since the member would have already paid for the membership price. Corresponding to various payment scenarios, the system calculates the service price for the insurance statement as follows:



When a discount is applied

When a membership, package, or a campaign discount is applied on service, the insurance statement shows the discounted price as the service price.

Service Price = Discounted Price (List Price - Discount)

When package benefits or membership service credits (free services) are redeemed
  • When guests use the service credits offered as a part of their memberships or when they redeem a service as a part of a package benefit, the invoice shows amount payable in the invoice as zero. However, the insurance statement shows the list price of the service in the Service Price field.

    Service Price = List Price of the Service
  • When the membership from which the service credit has been used also provides member discounts on the same service, the system shows the discounted price in the statement.

    Service Price = Discounted Price


For services without discounts, membership, or package redemption The system shows the list price that you set up for the service.

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