What's New in December 2015


Read our December Upgrade blog post for major feature enhancements in the January 2016 release. This article includes only the features that are not explained as a part of the blog post.

Your December Upgrade is Here

Your Zenoti account was upgraded with the latest features on December 10. We’ve made exciting enhancements in Employee Management, Memberships, and Reporting. Here’s what’s new.



For a guest that has an unsatisfactory experience, some spas and salons will award the guest a nominal dollar amount in credits. You can now quickly add that credit to an existing prepaid or gift card rather than issuing a new card. You can restrict the ability to edit card balances to specific roles such as managers or supervisors.



Currently in Zenoti, if you have an employee working at multiple locations, you can choose to run a single payroll for that employee. To better support franchisees, you can choose to generate payroll independently for each center. For example, if an employee works at two locations, she will be on each location’s payroll.

This allows franchisees, which typically operate locations as separate entities, to manage their payroll by location, without the involvement of the corporate office. You can enable the setting at the organization level from Settings > Employee. Enable the “Do not consider other center invoices for payroll” check box.


New additions to monthly employee targets include:

For Therapists

Request %: The percentage of guests who requested the specific therapist.
For example, If the therapist saw 100 guests over the month, and 40 specifically requested them, their request % is 40.

Add On %: The percentage of services performed with add-ons. A service with multiple add ons is considered as one.
For example, If the therapist performed 100 massages, and 20 of them had add ons, then the add on % is 20.

Membership Conversion %: Percentage of guests who converted to members in the same month.
For example, if a therapist sees 100 guests that are not members, if 5 of them bought memberships in the same month as their visit, the membership conversion % is 5.

For Front Desk Staff

Membership Billing Conversion %: Percentage of guests who the front desk billed and converted to members in the same month.
For example, out of 100 guests billed by a front-desk executive, if 10 of them end up buying a membership in the same month, the membership billing conversion % is 10.

After defining these targets, you can view performance from the Employee Performance Metrics Report at the center level from Employee > Reports > Performance



At times, you might want to award extra credits to certain members to retain their loyalty. In such cases, edit membership balance directly from the guest profile. You can restrict the ability to add credit to specific roles such as managers or supervisors.


Memberships can include multiple benefit types like service credits, discounts and free services. You can choose what order the benefits should be redeemed by the system. For example, if your membership includes 1 free massage and credits worth $100 every month, you can have the system first use the free massage.



This newly added daily report provides the center’s average invoice value (often referred to as average ticket size), with a break up by gender. Use this report to identify your best and worst performing days and tailor your marketing and operations strategy accordingly.

Access this report from Center > Admin > Daily Reports > Center Average Invoice

Zenoti Reports


The payroll report has been enhanced to provide two views into the payroll. The summary view shows employee salary (or hourly pay), commission and tips. The commissions are now broken down by sale type. The detailed view shows a complete list of all invoices, tips and hours worked, which helps to resolve any discrepancies.

Access this report from Center > Employees > Payroll > Employee Payroll Report


Enhancements to the collection reports includes a report to track all credit card transactions in one place. You’ll find details including transaction type, transaction status, and payment option used during the transaction. You can use this report to stay on top of payment reconciliations due from your credit card payment processor.

To view this report go to Admin > Collection Report > Collections – Online Transactions

Need help with these new additions? Contact support.

To view the complete list of feature additions, read What’s New in December 2015 Upgrade.

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 The following new features were introduced in this release:

Appointment Book and POS

Identify factors causing delays in appointments

By closely monitoring the time gap between guest check-in and service start time, service end time and payment time, you can ensure clients are attended to quickly and change processes to cut down wait times.

To ensure that you can monitor this time, Zenoti has introduced a new setting “Block payments for appointments where check-in is not done." When this setting is turned on, it does not allow taking payment unless the guest has checked-in. This allows you to view the exact time the guest checked-in and started availing the service and understand if there was any delay in starting the service. For details, refer to the article on Help Center.

Prevent appointment changes after guest check in

Last minute changes in an appointment, especially after the guest has checked in, can cause inconvenience to your staff and other guests. To address this problem, Zenoti allows you to lock an appointment and restrict any changes after a guest has checked in.

To restrict changes to an appointment after a guest checks in, select the “Lock appointment after guest check-in done” setting at Center level settings under Receipts and Invoices.

However, if you wish to make exceptions, you can give permissions to a manager to unlock the appointment and modify it even after the guest check-in is complete.

Reporting and Analytics

Improved Payroll data

The Payroll report has been enhanced and you can view the reports by:

  • Summary:This view provides the details of the salary, hours, commissions, and the number of invoices for an employee. he option to view the splitting of commission is also added. Select “Expand commission in detail” to get the details of the commission split across products, services, gift cards, packages, free services, memberships, and center commission.

  • Details: This view shows all the invoices that contributed to commissions in the selected pay period, tips received as well as hours worked.

New report to view average spending by gender

 This report lets you track the average spend by gender. To view this report, ensure you are at the Center level. Go to Reports > Daily Reports > Center Invoice Average Report.

Enhancements to Collections by Item Report

The Collections by Item Report has been enhanced with the following columns:

  • Guest Mobile Number: This setting can be turned on from the Organization level to now display the guest's mobile number.
  • Gross Invoice Value: The gross value of the invoice is the value before discount.
  • Net Invoice Value: The net invoice value shows the value post discount.
  • Discounts: This value is the discount amount.

To access this report, ensure that you are at the center level in the Admin mode. Go to  Reports > Collections > Collections by Item.

Enhancements to Employee Sales Metrics Report

The Employee Sales Metrics Report has been enhanced with additional columns:

  • # Walk-ins: This column shows the number of walk in appointments a therapist received.
  • # Services: This column shows the number of services performed by a therapist.
  • Average Service Value: This column shows the average value of the services performed by a therapist.
  • # Products: This column shows the number of products sold by a therapist.
  • Average Product Value: This column shows the average value of the products sold by a therapist.

Credit Card Expiry Report

For businesses that offer recurring memberships, you can proactively follow up with clients whose credit card is about to expire so that card does not get declined when it is time to charge. To view the list of cards expiring in a time period, go to Marketing > Reports > Guests > Credit Cards Close to Expiry.

Enhancements to Online Transactions Collections Report

This report has been enhanced to provide you exhaustive details about the transaction types, transaction statuses, and payment options used during the transactions. You can run this report for a day or a defined time period. You can use this report for reconciling payment for the amount due from your credit card payment processor. You can view this report when you are in the admin mode, and at the center level. The following new fields have been added:

  • Transaction Types: From this drop-down select the transaction type for which you want to see the report. Some of the types are: sale, void, refund, or a reversal.
  • Transaction Statuses: From this drop-down select the status for which the report must be displayed. Some of the options in this drop-down are: Success, pending, queued, failed etc.
  • All Card Types: From this drop-down select the card type for which you want the report to be displayed.

Go to Reports > Collections > Collections- Online Transactions.

Additional employee targets

In addition to the existing targets or goals that are set for employees, you can now define additional goals for the following new parameters:

  • Request %:The value defined in this field denotes the target percentage of appointments with a specific therapist preference in a month.
  • Add-ons %: The value defined in this field denotes the percentage of services performed that included add-ons, a therapist must sell in the current month.
  • Membership Conversion %: This target is specific to a therapist. Enter the target in percentage for non-member guests to purchase a memberships in a month.
  • Membership Billing Conversion %: This target is specific to the front-office personnel. The value defined in this field denotes the percentage of guests, billed by a specific front desk, who purchased a membership.

Once you define these targets, you can view these in the Employee Performance Metrics Report. For details, refer to the article on Help Center.

Reports on recurring collections for a time period

Two new Collections reports called Recurring Memberships (Summary), and Recurring Memberships (Details) have been added. This report shows the summary and the details of how many recurring membership collections have been made successfully in a given time period.

Recurring Memberships Month-to-date Report

You can also view the Month-to-date report for recurring memberships. Go to Admin > Daily Reports > Center Collections- Recurring Memberships (Month)

For details, refer to the article on Help Center

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