Locking Appointments After Guest Checks-In

Last minute changes to an appointment such as changing rooms or therapists, or altering the service category after the guest has checked-in, can cause inconvenience to the staff and other guests. To address this problem, Zenoti allows the front desk staff to lock an appointment and restrict changes after a guest has checked-in.

The front desk can lock a single appointment or lock all appointments after a guest checks-in (center level setting). In both methods, if you wish to make exceptions, you can give permissions to a manager to unlock the appointment and modify it even after the guest check-in is complete.

Use any of these methods to lock appointments after a guest checks-in:

  • Lock a single appointment: Use this option if you want to lock only one appointment. The lock will not apply to other checked in appointments at the Center.l. Click the appointment from the appointment book and select Lock Appointment. You cannot make any modifications to a locked appointment.

  • Lock all appointments: This setting will apply to all checked-in appointments in the center. If you enable this setting, you cannot make any changes to the appointment information.
    To lock appointments from the center level after a guest checks-in.
    1. Ensure you are at the center level.

    2. In the Admin Dashboard, click Centers.

    3. Click the center name.

    4. Click the Settings tab.

    5. Click the Invoice and Receipt folder.

    6. Select the Lock appointment after guest check-in done check box.

    7. Click Save.
      The front desk cannot make any changes to appointments of guests who have checked-in. Now, checked-in appointments cannot be modified.


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