Alerts Report

Alerts are a feature that enable the system to send you an SMS or Email when a specific, critical task is not completed or accomplished. For example, you may want to be alerted to a low volume of appointments being closed by the end of day. This could be a sign of malpractice, or an indication that a specific center requires attention.

Alerts can be created at organization level and can be edited at both organization level and center level. Refer to the article 'Enabling Zenoti Alerts' to know more about alerts. After alerts are enabled and are marked as active, notifications will be sent to management. You can review alerts for a particular day from the Alerts report. Perform the following steps to see the Alerts report:

  1. On the Main menu,click the Admin tab.
    The Admin Dashboard appears.
  2. On the Admin Dashboard, click Reports > Alerts.
    The Alerts Report window opens.

  3. In the Select a report list, click Daily Alerts.
  4. From the Calendar icon, select a date for the report.
  5. Click Refresh to view alerts for that particular date. A list of alerts for the particular day is shown.
  6. Click the Excel or .CSV icons on the top right hand corner of the report, to export it.

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