What is the Difference between "Daily Sales Report" And "Daily Collection Report"

Daily Sales Report And Collection report are two different reports which are available on the Appointment Page. Right click in the appointment menu to access these. These reports are helpful in reconciling all the invoices booked with payments collected.




Daily Sales Report:  Daily Sales report shows all the invoices created today if it is a Product, Membership, Series Package, GiftCard / Prepaid Card where as if it is a service it considers whether the service is performed on the current date irrespective of the creation date. This is helpfull to see all the items sold on a selected date.

Daily Collection Report:  As Zenoti supports partial payments there might be few payments received for invoices from older days. This report shows all the payments collected today irrespective of the payment type and invoice date. This will be helpfull to tally the collection amounts while doing the day closure.

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