Add Discount - General

What is This?

A discount is a reduction in the basic price of any goods or services. For example, a 20% discount on a facial, or a free hair cut along with a global hair color service. Discount can be created for services, products, memberships or packages.

What Next?

  • Create 'Target Segments' and assign the target segments to a discount to create 'Media' or 'Email\SMS Campaign' and launch discounts you have created.
  • Create new rules for 'Custom Coupons' which prints these discounts on the customer's receipt.


  • Decimal values are allowed in the Discount Amount field.
  • To apply discounts on the base price of an item, enable this setting at the Organization level.
  • To define different discounts for different services, click the 'Define Discounts on Services' check box.
  • Restrict this discount to only specific days of the week, such that it will not be available for any other day.
  • Make the discount deferrable and enter an expiry if the guest can come later to avail the discount.
  • For multi-center set up, restrict discount creation to only the head office or the main center for centralization.
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