Custom Coupon

What is This?

Custom coupons enable you to print a coupon on a customer's invoice or receipt. Custom coupons combine an offer (discount or cashback) with a target segment so that the POS can automatically choose the right offer for each customer.

Create a comprehensive set of rules to ensure every customer falls into a segment. During payment, the POS looks through the list of rules, in order, and prints a coupon based on the first target segment that the customer falls into.  

What's Next?

  • Redeem a custom coupon by entering the custom coupon number in the 'Take Payment' screen
  • Extend the expiration date from the customer's 'View History' page
  • Use the 'Effectiveness' report to track performance of your campaign



  • Order the rules in the table with the most targeted segments (i.e. segments with the fewest number of guests) high in the list.
  • Create your discounts and target Segments before creating your custom coupon rules
  • Custom coupons are valid only on the customer's next visit. So, at any given time a customer has only one valid coupon to redeem.
  • A custom coupon can be redeemed only by the customer it was printed for. The POS tracks each coupon that was issued.
  • A custom coupon is printed for a customer only once
  • Activate the custom coupon feature from the Admin > Organization settings.

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