Create Loyalty Point Promotion - General

What is This?

Run a promotion by awarding loyalty points! Loyalty point promotions differ from our loyalty points program (defined in the organization settings page), in that promotions are valid for a limited time and often increase the number of points that can be earned for a particular action. The points you define here override the loyalty point program settings.


What Next?

  • Use this promotion as part of a campaign.
  • Points can be redeemed from the POS during billing.


  • Define redemption dates to control when these points can be used.
  • Select Auto Apply check box to automatically apply these points to a guest's invoice if the purchase is within the specified period.
  • Choose whether the free service amount after applying this loyalty program points should contribute to the therapist's free service revenue.
  • Review your organization level settings for additional settings on how points can be used, e.g., minimum points required for redemption, maximum points allowed for redemption in a single invoice, value of a point against actual currency.
  • View a customer's points balance from the customer's profile. Customers can check their own balance via the customer mobile app.
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