All guest details with Mobile numbers and Email id's


Offers, promotions and messages can be sent out to customers for more cost effective and efficient reach.

Use Zenoti’s powerful marketing tools to pull our information just the way to want it. To get a list of guest details with mobile numbers and email ID’s, follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1.         In the Marketing module, click on target segments


If you are unable to see the below target segment link contact your manager or marketing manager


Step 2.         Click on Add button located on the right panel


A window appears with a list of pre-defined segments

Step 3.         Select  create custom segment in the bottom of the page 


The create custom segment window will appear


Step 4. Enter the segment name and description if needed and click on create.The edit custom segment window will appear

Step 5. Select Category as Demographic 

Step 6. Select Criteria as Gender 

Step 7. Select Operator as Male


Step 8. Click on add rule button to get a list of all MALE guests in this centre


Step 9. Now click on the Back link

You will return to the target segment page.

Step 10. Select the export to excel icon next to the segment name “ All guest data with phone no and email ID - Male


Step 11. Exported data will appear as below with email id and phone no.



NOTE :Simply follow the same steps for getting data for female customers – select gender as female instead of male as described in Step 7.

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