Create Promo Package - General

What is This?

A package is a group of services offered together at a discounted price. Promo packages are short-term, promotional packages to attract customers, such as Valentine’s day special package, women’s day package and so on. Enter details to create your promo package here.

What Next?

  • Once created, the appointment book can sell a promo package from the Appointment Book.
  • You can only create promo packages from this page. To create day or series package, click the 'Packages' link in the Admin mode.
  • Review packages sales, details, expirations, balances from the 'Packages' report in Marketing module.


  • If you have a multi-center organization, only the head office or main center should create promo packages and enable it for various centers to sell. This will ensure the head office has more control and creating packages will be centralized.
  • You could define custom commission rates for your employees to encourage them to sell promo packages.
  • You could allow customers to pay for promo packages using gift cards.
  • Provide a booking window if you wish to restrict bookings for this promo package for a limited period.
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