Modifying an Existing Promo Package


What is a promo package?

A package is a group of services offered together at a discounted price. Packages in Zenoti are of 3 types:

  • Promo packages: These are short-term, promotional packages to attract customers, such as Valentine’s day special package, women’s day package and so on. 
  • Day packages: All services of such packages must be taken on the same day.
  • Series packages: These are multiple sessions or sittings of the same service taken on multiple days. For exaOmple, a 6 sittings package of hair spa service with a validity of 90 days.

While promo packages can be created from the Marketing module, day packages and series packages can only be created from the Admin module. To know more about day packages and series packages, read the 'Create a Day, Promotional or Series Packages' article.

How do I modify an existing promo package?

  • In the Marketing tab, click the Promo Packages link.


  • A list of existing promo packages in your center displays. Export the list of promo packages to other formats such as Excel, CSV, or PDF by clicking on the appropriate icons. You can also see whether the promo package is currently in use or not, the number of times the promo package has been sold, and the revenue earned through each of the promo packages. Click on the name of the promo package you wish to edit.


  • The GENERAL tab of the promo package is displayed. You can modify the name, description, package price, or booking dates of the package from this page.To delete the promo package, click the Delete Package button on the right pane.


  • Click the SERVICES tab to change the services included in the package and the order in which they are performed.


  • Click the CENTERS tab to change the centers where this package is available.
  • Click the CATALOG tab to change the settings to display this package in the digital catalog.
  • Click the SOCIAL tab to enter message, announcement, caption and an image for this package for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Click Save when you are done with the changes.

Once promo packages are created, the front office can sell the promo package from the appointment book through Point of Sale option and selecting the Packages tab on the invoice page.

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