Manage Media Campaigns

What is This?

Media campaigns, in general, are printed advertisements you publish in newspapers, magazines, or other print medium about discounts and offers. Create a Media campaign in Zenoti to apply the discount, cashback, or loyalty points offer associated with the advertisement to an invoice and track guests and revenue for each media campaign. A list of media campaigns for the current center displays.

What Next?

  • Create a new media campaign.
  • Click on an existing campaign name to edit\delete the campaign.
  • A campaign is a combination of a target segment and a discount\cashback\loyalty point offer. Create a new 'Discount' or a 'Target Segment' first before creating the Media campaign.
  • Apply a media campaign to an invoice, if the campaign is applicable for the guest and the item in the invoice.
  • Review the effectiveness of media campaigns from the "Effectiveness' report.


  • Unlike a SMS\Email campaign, media campaigns are not used to send SMS or Email notifications to the guests. It is assumed that you will advertise about a media campaign through other print mediums.
  • Search for an existing media campaign.
  • Sort the list by clicking on any column header.
  • Export the list of campaigns to Excel, CSV, or PDF by clicking on the appropriate icon.
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