Create SMS_Email Campaign - Centers

What is This?

Select the centers where this campaign will be applicable. If your organization has multiple centers, the head office or main center can create campaigns and enable it for various centers. This way the head office will have more control over creation and execution of marketing programs.

What Next?

  • Apply the campaign to an invoice in the 'Take Payment' screen, if the campaign is valid for the guest and the item in the invoice.
  • Review 'Effectiveness' report to review which campaign was effective in bringing more revenue and guests, once the campaign is created.
  • Review the status of SMS notification delivery from the 'Status' tab of the campaign, once the campaign is created.
  • Extend the campaign to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and to the customer application, once the campaign is created.


  • Review details of the campaign properly before sending the actual SMS\Email.
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