Create Media Campaign - General

What is This?

  • Media campaigns, in general, are printed advertisements you publish in newspapers, magazines, or other print medium about discounts and offers. Enter details to create a Media campaign in Zenoti to apply the discount, cashback, or loyalty point offer associated with the advertisement to an invoice and track guests and revenue for each media campaign. 

What Next?

  • Create a new 'Discount' or a 'Target Segment' first before creating the Media campaign.
  • Apply a media campaign to an invoice, if the campaign is applicable for the guest and the item in the invoice.
  • Review the effectiveness of media campaigns from the "Effectiveness' report.


  • Unlike Email\Text Message campaign, media campaigns are not used to send notification to the guests. It is assumed that you will advertise about a media campaign through other print mediums.
  • Associate a discount or a cash back offer, where a certain percentage of the invoice amount or a specific value cash back coupon can be printed or select a loyalty point program and offer loyalty points as part of the media campaign.
  • If the invoice must be of a certain value before the discount in the campaign can be applied, enter the minimum amount for the invoice.
  • Enable OTP for the campaign, so an OTP code is sent to the member's mobile number and only once the code is entered on the payment page, payment gets processed after applying campaign.
  • Applicable dates will define the window during which this campaign can be applied. Leave blank if not required.
  • Limit this campaign to only users of the target segment group, such that it cannot be applied to any other guest.
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