Create Email/Text Message Campaign - Status

What is This?

Review the status of text messages (also called SMS) sent to guests for this campaign. Review the following on this page:

  • Scheduled date and time for the text message: Date and time as specified in the 'Schedule Date' field in the Campaign - General page
  • # Guests: Number of guests that are scheduled to receive the text message. This is defined by the 'Target Segment' in the Campaign - General page
  • Sent To: Number of guests to which the text message was sent
  • Status: Indicates whether the text message has been sent
  • Sent: Number of guests that received the text message
  • DND: Number of text messages that were blocked due to a DND block (a Do Not Disturb service is available in some countries, which block text messages)
  • Submitted: Number of text messages submitted to the service provider
  • Not Sent: Number of guests that did not recieve the text message
  • Cancel: Indicates whether this campaign can be cancelled

What Next?

  • Apply this campaign to an invoice in the 'Take Payment' screen if the campaign is applicable for the guest and the item.
  • Review 'Effectiveness' report to track the number of guests and the revenue for each campaign.
  • Extend this campaign to social networking sites through the Social tab and to customer application through the Digital tab.
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