Modifying an Existing Media Campaign


What are campaigns in Zenoti?

Marketing campaigns in Zenoti is a combination of a discount, cash back, or loyalty points offer associated with a particular target segment. Campaigns allow you to offer discounts\cashback\loyalty points on invoices to guests and can also be used to send personalized marketing offer messages to clients directly in the form of SMS or Emails. Campaigns in Zenoti are of 2 types:

  • Email\Text Message campaigns: If you design such a campaign, Zenoti can send a SMS (text) message or an Email to a list of customers about the offer.
  • Media campaign: When you create a Media campaign, the software will not send out any SMS or Email message to customers, because media campaigns are physical advertisements you publish in newspapers or magazines about discounts and offers. However, for the software to track how much revenue you got from these campaigns and the number of customers it attracted, you can create a Media campaign in Zenoti. 
  • Custom coupons: To create specialized and customized offers and discounts, use the custom coupon campaign. A custom coupon is a personalized discount targeted to a particular target segment to promote new services or products or memberships to existing customers. A custom coupon could be different for every customer depending upon their buying patterns. This coupon is printed on the receipt itself and is valid for the customer’s next visit.

What set up is required before creating a campaign?

Since campaigns can combine a discount with a target segment, it is important to first create a discount and a target segment before creating campaigns. To know more about how to create a discount, read the 'Creating a Discount' article. To know more about how to create a target segment, read the 'Working with Target Segments' article.

How can I modify an existing Media campaign?

  • In the Marketing tab, click the Media link under Campaigns.


  • A list of available Media campaigns in your center is displayed. You can also see the target segment to which the campaign is associated with, whether the campaign is active or not, number of customers who redeemed the offer, and the total revenue earned for each campaign. Click on any if the export icons to export the list of media campaigns to other formats (CSV, PDF, or Excel). Click on the name of the campaign which you wish to edit.
  • The GENERAL tab of the campaign is displayed. To delete this campaign, click the Delete Campaign button on the right pane. 


  • You can modify the following on this tab:
    • Name and description for the campaign.
    • Modify the type of offer on this campaign:
      • If you are offering discount, select the appropriate discount from the drop-down list. To know more about how to create a discount, read the article 'Creating a discount'.
      • If you are offering cashback, enter a value in the Cashback field, choose whether cash back coupon can be redeemed by anyone. If this is not selected, the cash back coupon can only be redeemed by the customer who gets it. Also, enter the number of days until which this cash back coupon will be valid. The number of days will be considered from the day the cash back coupon is generated for the guest. You can also pick a specific date from the calendar and have the coupon expire on that day automatically.
      • If you are offering loyalty points, choose the loyalty points program as per which the points should be allocated to the guests in the target segment of the campaign.
    • Enter the minimum amount a customer must have spent before applying the campaign. The total amount of the invoice will be considered. If no such validation is required, leave this field blank.
    • Modify the target segment associated with this campaign. As soon as you select a target segment, a message appears under this field about the number of guests that are a part of this target segment and a brief description of the target segment. To know more about how to create a target segment, read the article 'Working with Target Segments'.
    • Set start and end dates for when booking is allowed. If no such window is desired, then leave this field blank.
    • Set start and end date for when the campaign is valid for. If no such window is desired, then leave this field blank.
    • You can also create campaigns specifically for customers who book their appointments using the customer application. Make the choice in the Applies to field. Refer to articles in the Customer Application section on the Support site to know more customer application.
    • Set the schedule date for the notification to be sent out.
    • Update the Limit to Users in Target Segment check box if you want that from the Take Payment page of the appointment book, this campaign should be only applied to customers that fall in the target segment. If you want the campaign to be available to any customer regardless of target segment, leave this checkbox blank.
    • Update the Campaign discount and redemptions contribute to free service amount check box, if you wish that the discounted amount after applying this campaign should contribute to the therapists free service amount and the appropriate free service commission rules should apply. To know more about free service commissions, read the article 'Defining Jobs and Commissions'.
    • Update the Need OTP Authorization check box if you wish to restrict application of this campaign to only authorized users. When you apply this campaign to a guest's invoice, an OTP code will be sent to the guest's registered mobile number and only once the code is entered on the payment page, payment will be processed. To know more about OTP, read the article 'One Time Password (OTP) for Redemption'.
    • Activate the campaign so the campaign is sent to customers and is available on the campaign drop-down list on Take Payment page. You can inactivate any campaign later.
    • Click Save.
    If you have wish to edit the centers where this campaign will be available, click the CENTERS tab. Make the desired changes and click Save.
  • Click the Catalog tab to show this campaign in the Deals section of the customer application.You can also upload an image.
  • Click the SOCIAL tab to modify the following:
      • Announcement: Enter an announcement message for this product for Facebook and Twitter pages.
      • Caption: Enter a caption for this product announcement for Facebook and Twitter pages.
      • Message: Enter a message for this product for Facebook and Twitter pages.
      • Image: Upload an image for this product for Facebook and Twitter pages.
      • Click Post.
    Once a Media campaign is created, customers will see the marketing offer in the print media and come to the center for the service on which you are offering them a discount. The front office will create an appointment for the service and apply this campaign from the Campaigns drop down list in the Take Payment screen to process their payment.

    You can also see which campaigns are more successful than others, to know which campaign is doing a good business and which ones are not, by looking at the Campaign Effectiveness report. To know more about this report, read the 'Effectiveness Report' article.

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