Guest Registration and Sign In Process


Guests can download a branded customer app for your organization and browse a digital catalog of services, provide feedback, send requests for an appointment and much more. In order to do these tasks, a user needs to first create an account and register and then sign in to the application through a valid log in.

User Registration Process

A list of steps for user registration is provided below:

  • Users can download the app from iTunes or Google Play depending upon their mobile device. (Available on iPhone, iPAD, and Android based device.)
  • Once the app is downloaded, the user can launch the app.


  • The home page of the app will then display. Users can do the following on this page:
    • View a list of centers through the Centers link\icon.
    • Create an account (for first time users) and register through the Register link\icon.
    • Access the digital catalog of services offered through the Catalog link\icon.
    • Enter feedback for services or view feedback given by other guests for various services through the Feedback link.
    • Access a summary of appointments, memberships, packages, loyalty points, and so on through the My Info link.
    • Sign out of the app through the Sign Out link.


  • To view a list of centers, click the Centers link\icon. A list of centers in the organization display. The Show in Catalog setting for each center in Zenoti needs to be enabled for the center to show up in the list of centers in customer application. To know more about this, read the article 'Configuring Customer Application'.


  • Upon first launch, a list of all valid centers is displayed. The terminology used in the application is 'Location'. Centers are grouped by city. Once a center is selected, the setting is persisted until it is changed by the user. All services and pricing is shown based on the selected center. Users can click the Register link\icon to create an account and register.


  • Users can enter their contact details such as first name, last name, mobile phone, email, gender and click Next. All these are mandatory fields.

Note: You can remove the gender field from your customer app and webstore by navigating to Admin > Organizations > Catalog > Content to Display and deselecting the checkbox Show gender in webstore. If you opt to show gender in your webstore, you can set a default gender for the user.


  • A confirm registration message appears if the details entered are correct. Click the Confirm link.


  • A random password is generated and sent to the user. The registration SMS will be sent to the mobile number entered during the registration process. The guest center is the currently selected center.

User Sign in Process

Once you have successfully registered, you can sign in anytime to the customer app to request for appointment, provide feedback for services or other such tasks. To sign in to the customer app, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Sign in link\icon at the top right corner of the app. You can also click the My Info link\icon at the bottom panel of the app and then click the Sign In link.


  • Enter the username and password and click Sign In. Username is same as the email address the user provided at the time of registration.


Forgot Password Process

If the user has forgotten the password, a forgot password workflow is supported in the customer application. To request a new password, perform the following steps:

  • Click the My Info link\icon at the bottom panel of the app and then click the Forgot Password link.


  • Enter the email address and click Done. The email address is used to verify the user. A new, randomly generated password will be sent to the user's email address and phone number as a text message. The forgot password SMS will go through an account which is not blocked by DND (Do Not Disturb). The password for the user can also be reset from Zenoti by viewing guest details.


Updating the Profile

Customer app users can update their profile information, such as name, email address, mobile phone, and password anytime through the following steps:

  • Click the My Info link\icon at the bottom panel of the app and then click the Profile link.


  • Update the profile, such as first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and so on and click Save. Users can also change the password.


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