Booking Appointments through Customer Application


Booking an Appointment through the Customer Application

Users can download a branded customer application for your organization from iTunes or Google Play and register. Once successfully registered, users can sign in, view a digital catalog of services and send request for an appointment directly to your Zenoti Appointment Book.

The various steps involved to do this are as follows:

  1. User downloads the customer app
  2. User registers on the customer app (Read the article 'Guest Registration and Sign in process')
  3. User browses through the digital catalog and selects the service.
  4. User adds services to the shopping cart.
  5. User sends a request to the Zenoti Appointment Book for an appointment. Note that a user can request appointment without registering on the customer application, but will be asked for contact details, if not already registered on the customer application.
  6. Front office views the online request through the Zenoti Appointment Book and confirms\declines\modifies the appointment. (Read the article 'Receiving Online Requests through Zenoti Appointment Book')
  7. User receives appropriate SMS (Read the article 'Receiving Online Requests through Zenoti Appointment Book').

Browsing Digital Catalog of Services

Once a user has downloaded the customer app and registered successfully (Read the article 'Guest Registration and Sign in Process' to know more about user registration), she can view the digital catalog of services offered in the center. To do this, the user performs the following steps:

  • Upon successful registration, user can click the Catalog link\icon at the bottom of the app to view a list of all service categories offered in the current center. Names of service categories could be same or different from service categories in Zenoti. Read the article 'Personalizing Service Categories for Customer Application'  to know more about this.


  • The user can select any of the available service categories to look at sub categories within the main category. Each category can be associated with pictures and images for better look and display. To optimize bandwidth usage, all category images and service images are stored in the application. If a new category or service is added or enabled after the application is published, this image will be loaded from the server. All images must be licensed for distribution in mobile\web application\site.


  • Next, the user selects a category to view a list of services within the sub category.


  • Four special categories can be shown in the catalog: Day packages, New services, Recent services (only when signed in ) and Recommended services. New and recommended services flag can be set for any services4_packages.png


  • User can then select a service and look at the service details such as description, price, and customer feedback.


  • If a video for the service is available, the user can also see the video through the Play Video link. Videos and images can be associated with services in Zenoti. To optimize application size, all videos will need to be published on You Tube. To know more about this, read the article 'Creating a Service' or 'Modifying an Existing Service'.


Adding a Service to Shopping Cart

Users can identify the services and add them to the shopping cart. Here are the steps involved in doing so:

  • Click the Add to Cart link from the Service Details page.


  • The shopping cart dialog box appears. Click Next.


  • User can review all services in the shopping cart and click the Remove link\icon to remove the service from the shopping cart or click Next.


  • The user can choose the preferred date and time and provide any special instructions in the Notes field and click Next.


  • User needs to provide the contact information and click Next. If the user is already signed in, contact details will not be required.


  • A confirmation dialog box for the services requested for will display along with date and time the user has selected. User can click Submit to send the request to Zenoti Appointment Book.


Once a request has been sent from the customer application, it is received through the Appointment Book of Zenoti (Read the article 'Receiving Online Requests through Zenoti Appointment Book'). The center can do the following:

  • Assign therapist and room
  • Confirm appointment
  • Decline appointment
  • Modify appointment - change start time, add\remove services, etc.
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