Configuring Customer Application


What is Customer Application?

Get in touch with the Zenoti team to create a branded, mobile customer application for your guests. The branded application will be available on iPhone, iPAD, and Android phones and tablets. The application will be published to iTunes and Google Play. Once created, your guests will be able to perform the following:

  • View digital catalog of services and deals: Your guests will be able to view description, pictures, feedback, and even videos for services. Guest can also select a service and request an appointment which will be fully integrated with your Zenoti software. An SMS\Email can also be sent when the appointment-request is received. Guests can also view active deals and marketing campaigns offered in various centers.
  • Register themselves and log in to the customer application: Guest will be able to register for an account, can view their history or services, packages, memberships, and products, provide feedback on services and update their profile.

Application Roll out Process

The various steps involved in rolling out the customer application for your organization as are follows:

  1. License customer application for your organization (To be done by Zenoti team) - The application has to be licensed for an organization and enabled for every center that needs to be active in the application.
  2. Plan the centers, categories, services, and deals that show up in the catalog and set up the system (Refer to the articles,'Personalizing Service Categories for Customer Application', and 'Creating Digital Catalog of Services and Deals in Zenoti'.)
  3. Define loyalty points for organization for customer application actions (Refer to the article, 'Setting up Loyalty Points for Customer Application')
  4. Check and set up email and SMS templates for customer application.
  5. Provide branding elements, graphic elements, and information pages for the application.
  6. Test the application.
  7. Take the application live.

Enabling Customer Application for the Center

Through the customer app, your guests will be able to select a center and view services, packages, deals etc. offered through a digital catalog. Hence, the first thing you need to configure is which centers you wish to show in the list of centers for your organization in the customer app. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Centers link in the Admin mode.


  • Click on the name of any existing center. Update address and contact details for each licensed center and click the Catalog tab.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to show this center in the digital catalog when a guest looks at a list of your centers from mobile.
  • Enter the geographical longitude and latitude coordinates (4 digits of precision) to show the center in a map to the guest.
  • Provide a description for the center.
  • Click Save. Repeat these steps for all centers you wish to show in the digital catalog.


Setting up Email and SMS Notifications for Customer Application

You can set up Email and SMS notifications for customer application. The following notifications are available:

  • New user registration (Email, SMS) - Sent when a user registers on customer app
  • Forgot password (Email, SMS) - Sent when a user submits a forgot password query through customer app
  • Appointment confirmation notification (Email, SMS) - Sent when a user's appointment request is confirmed
  • Appointment declined notification (Email, SMS) - Sent when a user's appointment request is declined

To set up SMS\Email notifications, perform the following steps:

  • Access the Admin mode.
  • Click the Organizations link.


  • Click the Email\SMS tab.


  • Choose the SMS\Email notifications you wish to use for customer application and enter the text for the notification using the available macros.


Providing Branding Elements

  • As the next step in rolling out the customer application, you need to finalize the color scheme and colors for key components based on organization colors, as shown below:


  • Various color schemes are also available, as shown below:



  • Next, finalize content to be shown on the Home page, as shown below:


  • Next, finalize content to be shown on the 'About' page in the customer application. Content can be different for tablets and phones. Due to space limitations, the About page is only available on tablets.


  • Create launch images for phones and tablets. The images can be different for landscape/portrait orientations.


  • Finalize logo for the customer application, as shown below:


Testing and Deployment

  • Finalize content to be shown for App Store iTunes.


  • Certain extra elements are also required for the application, such as description, keywords, Support email address, Support URL, Marketing URL, and screenshots of iPhone and iPAD application.


  • Finalize content to be shown for App store Google Play, as shown below:


  • Certain extra elements are also required for the application, such as description, promotional text, Web site, Support Email, Support phone, Promotional graphic, Promotional video on You Tube and Feature graphic.
  • The Zenoti team will test the application on iOS and Android devices once the application set up and configuration of center, services, and campaigns is completed. A Web page to access the application from mobile browsers will be provided for application testing. You will then need to sign off before the application is published to the app store.
  • After the application is signed off by you, the following are the timelines by iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android) to take the application live:
    • iTunes (iOS) - Apple will take between 7-14 days to review the application and update iTunes. Any updates to the application will follow the same process.
    • Google Play (Android) - Once published the application will be available for download within 24 hours. There is no review process for Google Play.
  • Unless there are critical issues to be fixed, updates to the customer application will be published every 6 months. All updates to category and service images will be rolled in to these quarterly updates. The updates will be used to ensure that the application stays current with application features and mobile device changes.
  • The Zenoti Support team will support your organization as with any other Zenoti Support issue such as installation, usage, defects, information. The Zenoti team will not directly support customers of the application by Email or Phone.
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