How can employees log in to the Android application?


The manager mobile application can be used by  employees that have the role of an owner or manager. Owners will see data across all centers while managers will see data for the centers they manage.The employee will also need the permission to enable mobile access in the employee account. This can be done as follows:

  • Log into the Zenoti web application as an owner or manager
  • Select the Employee tab
  • Select the Employees link and search for the employee account
  • Click on the employee name to edit the account
  • Enable the check box "Allow mobile application access"
  • Check the Job of the employee to ensure they have Owner or Manager as the job
  • Save employee details

Employees can now log into the mobile application. To log in, you require :

  • Account: This is the prefix in the name of your site. For example, if your site is, the account name is spabliss.
  • Username: The same username used to access Zenoti.
  • Password: The same password used to access Zenoti.
The image below shows where you will find your these fields on the website login.
The fields have to be entered in the mobile application login screen shown below
Once the employee is authenticated in the mobile application with a valid credentials, these credentials will be persisted for future sessions. The application will use these credentials to authenticate the employee every time the application is started. If you want the application to forget the authentication credentials, you will need to click on the ... icon and Sign Out of the application.
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