Creating Automatic Membership Renewals Opportunities


Memberships are typically designed with expiration date. So, whether it allows for upfront payment or a monthly recurring payment, a yearly membership would automatically expire 365 days from the purchase date.

It’s in every spa and salon’s interest to renew a guest’s membership on expiry.

With Zenoti, you can have the system automatically create an opportunity in the Sales module when a membership expires. Each opportunity can be assigned an owner and a follow-up date. This creates a reliable process that ensures every one of these guests is contacted and encouraged to renew their membership. 

Setting up Automatic Opportunity Creation For Membership Renewals

Setting up automatic opportunity creation for membership renewal involves the following two major steps:

  1. Set up automatic opportunities for membership renewals at the organization level.
  2. Assign the opportunity owners for each center.

To set up automatic opportunities for membership renewals

  1. Make sure you are in the Organization view.
  2. On the main menu, click the Admin tab.
  3. On the Admin Dashboard, click Organizations.
  4. On the Edit Organization window, click the Settings tab.
  5. Click the General tab, and in the Create Opportunity On Membership Expiry field, enter the number of days after expiry, when you want the opportunity to be created. Click Save.
  6. Next, click the Memberships tab, and in the Change collection status to field, select the appropriate status.
  7. In the adjacent box enter the number of attempts that must be made before which the status of the membership can be changed.
    Note: This is useful for recurring memberships, as the system automatically attempts to collect payment and then changes the status of the membership. 
  8. Select the Create an opportunity to follow up checkbox if you want the system to automatically create an opportunity after the maximum number of tries.
    Note: Activate the Opportunity Create alert in Organizations> Email/Texts  if you want the opportunity owner, manager, or center owner to be notified when the system creates an opportunity 
  9. Click Save.

To assign opportunity owners for each center

  1. Make sure you have selected the center for which you want to set up an opportunity owner. 
  2. In the Admin Dashboard, click Centers, and then click the center's name.
  3. Click the Settings tab, and then click General.
  4. In the Sales Owner field, select the name of the sales manager.
  5. Click Save.

To View A Membership Renewal Opportunity

To view opportunities that are created for membership renewals, go to the Sales module.

  1. On the main menu, click the Sales tab.
  2. On the Sales Dashboard, under the Tracking section, click Opportunities. The Manage Opportunities window opens listing all the open opportunities list here.   

Use the search filters to find specific opportunities. You can enter or select values for one or more of the Keyword, Type, Owner, Guest, Priority and Status fields, and click Search.

Note: You can view opportunities for all your centers if you are in the Organization view. If you are in the Center view, you will only see opportunities relevant to your center. 


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