Creating a New Opportunity


What is an Opportunity?

A sales opportunity is related to selling a membership or a package to a particular guest. For example, to sell the Gold Membership to a guest is an opportunity. Create opportunities using the Sales module to track all sales within your organization. You can track and review all opportunities created in the Sales module. An opportunity can have various parameters such as status, follow up date, and so on, which can be changed based on each transaction with the guest, by the sales owner. Owners can review all sales opportunities and the revenue related to each sales opportunity within their organization.

How do I create an Opportunity?

To create an opportunity, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Sales tab to access the Sales module.
  • Click the Opportunities link.


  • A list of all opportunities in the current center display. Export the list of opportunities to other formats by clicking on any of the export icons (CSV, Excel, or PDF). Click Add button on the right pane to create a new opportunity.
  • The GENERAL tab of the Opportunity displays. Enter the following on this page:
    • Name: Enter a name for the opportunity
    • Description: Enter a description for the opportunity
    • Guest Name: Type the name of the guest who is associated with this opportunity. If this is a new guest, click the Add New Guest link and enter details for the new guest, such as code, first name, last name, email, phone, gender, and referral.
    • Sales Owner: Choose the sales owner within your organization for this opportunity from the drop down list of employees. Note: Upon creation of the opportunity, the sales owner will get an email notification, if the Opportunity Create email it is turned on in Admin > Organization > Email/Texts.
    • Priority: Choose a priority for the opportunity, whether high, medium, or low.
    • Type: Choose the type of opportunity, whether memberships or packages.
    • Sales Stage: Choose the stage of the sales opportunity, whether lead, prospect, active, on hold, won, or lost.
    • List Price: Enter the list price for the opportunity
    • Offered Price: Enter the price you have offered to the guest for this membership or package sale. This could be same as the list price or different.
    • Follow-up date: Choose the next follow up date on this sale.
    • Expected close date: Choose the date by which you wish to close the opportunity.
    • Notes: Enter any additional notes for this opportunity.
  • Click Finish to create the opportunity.


You can create additional fields to show up on this page if you wish to capture more data around sales opportunities. To create additional fields, use the Custom Fields option in the Admin mode.  To review reports for opportunities, review the Pipeline Report in the Sales module. To know more about these reports, read the 'Opportunities Pipeline Report' article.

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