How to Generate OTP for Loyalty Points, Packages, Campaigns and Membership Redemptions

If One Time Password (OTP) is enabled for your center, you can generate OTP for loyalty points, packages, campaigns, and membership redemptions.

Note: You cannot generate OTP for Gift Cards. Learn how to enable OTP authorization for your organization.

To generate OTP for memberships or pre-paid card payments

  1. On your appointment book, start taking the payment as you would for regular appointments. How to take payment
  2. To redeem loyalty points, pre-paid card, or membership credits, click the respective tab in the Collect Payment section.
  3. If OTP is enabled for your center, a Generate OTP button is displayed.
  4. Click Generate OTP. A text message with an OTP is sent to the guest’s registered mobile number. 
  5. Once the guest receives the OTP, ask for the OTP code, and enter it in the OTP box.

    The OTP is valid only for a few minutes (specified in your organization system settings). If the OTP expires by the time a guest receives it, you can generate a new OTP by clicking the Generate OTP button. The earlier generated OTP on the invoice expires automatically. If the guest does not receive the OTP for any reason, you can enter the default OTP override code specified for your center and proceed with the billing. 

To generate OTP for applying Membership and Campaign benefits

  1. On your appointment book, start taking the payment as you would for any regular appointments. How to take payment
  2. If the guest is a member, from the Memberships list, select a membership to apply its benefits. If you want to apply a campaign, from the Campaign drop-down, select the campaign. 
  3. On the top right hand corner of the POS window, select a payment method, and click Add Payment. The system opens the One-Time-Password Authorization window.
  4. Send the OTP code to the guest by clicking the Send Now button.
  5. Enter the code given by the guest or the default code assigned for the center in the OTP box, and click Submit.
  6. Click Close & Print to close the invoice.
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