Changing the Payment Type of a Closed Invoice (Card to Cash Changes)

You can integrate Payment Gateways with Zenoti for easy payment collections and refunds using credit cards. 

Note: If you do not have a Payment Gateway integrated, you can still accept payments using credit cards. However, you must manually enter the credit card details in POS for accurate reconciliation and reports.

Sometimes, the front office can close an invoice with a wrong payment type. For example, a guest may have paid using a credit card, but the front office may have closed the invoice with payment type as cash, thereby not capturing the credit card details. In such a scenario there will be a discrepancy during reconciliation. 

To overcome this, you can change the payment type of a closed invoice.

Note: You can change the payment type only if the payment is made using either cash, card, check, or custom payments.

To change the payment type in a closed invoice, do the following:

  1. In the Appointment Book, open the guest's profile and click the Payments tab.
    All the payments made by the guest and the corresponding invoice details appear.
  2. Click the invoice (number) whose payment type you wish to change.
    The invoice opens.
    Note: If the guest brings the receipt, you can open the invoice by clicking any open slot in the Appointment Book and then clicking Search Invoice No/Receipt No.
    The screenshot below is of an invoice that is closed as a cash payment, but was actually paid for using a credit card.
  3. To change the payment type, In the payment details section of the invoice, click the edit icon ().
    The Update Transaction window appears.
    Note: The edit icon does not appear if you have a Payment Gateway integrated and the guest makes a payment using a credit card.
  4. Change the payment type as required (Cash, Credit Card, Check, or Custom) and add additional payment information (for example, credit card details). Click OK.
  5. Payment type updated successfully message appears. Click OK.
    The payment type is updated on the invoice. 
    The screenshot below shows the changed payment type from Cash to Card:

    Note that the Paid On date does not change. Only the Payment Type is updated and hence no reports are affected.
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