How to Redeem a Custom Coupon?

A custom coupon is a personalized discount that is printed on a receipt after a guest makes a payment. The guest can redeem the custom coupon on the next visit. 

Custom coupons vary for guests and are offered to selected segment of existing customers based on their buying patterns to promote new services, products, or memberships. A custom coupon is printed on the guest's receipt only once. No guest can receive the same custom coupon twice.

To create specialized and customized offers and discounts, use the Custom Coupons campaign in the Marketing Module.

To redeem a custom coupon, do the following:

  1. When a guest visits a center to redeem the custom coupon that was printed on the receipt during the guest's previous visit, launch POS using one of the following methods:
    • For a walk-in guest: Click the POS icon  on the top right corner of the Appointment Book.
    • For a walk-in guest: Click an empty space in the Appointment Book and click Point of Sale from the options.
    • For a guest with an appointment: Click the guest’s appointment in the Appointment Book, and from the menu, click Take Payment. POS window opens with the guest’s details.
  2. In the POS window, enter the guest details as follows:
    • If you have opened POS by clicking the POS icon or Point of Sale option, in the guest details section at the top of the POS, enter either the mobile number, first name, or last name of the guest, and select a matching record from the list of suggestions.
    • If you have opened POS from the guest’s appointment using the Take Payment option, the details of the guest are pre-populated and no further details of the guest are required to continue with the sale.
  3. Add the Service, Product, or Membership against which the guest wishes to redeem the valid custom coupon.
  4.  In the top left hand pane, enter the coupon number in the Coupon # field and click the arrow button next to it to give the appropriate discount.
    Coupon has been applied successfully message appears. Click OK.

    Note: If the guest loses the coupon (receipt), you can access the coupon information from the Coupons tab on the Guest History page.
  5. Enter any other products or services and proceed to take the payment as you do with other regular appointments. Learn more: Taking Payments.
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