How to Create a Block Out Time for a Therapist


You can create a block out time for a therapist using the Therapist view on your appointment book. The block out time could be a one time need, such as a doctor appointment, or it could be regular need, such as the lunch break.

To block out time on a therapist's calendar: 

  1. Click the Therapist View icon on the appointment book.
  2. Under the appointment book column for the therapist, click an empty time slot.
  3. Point to Block Out Time on the menu, and select the type of the block out time from the list that opens.
  4. The therapist's calendar is blocked for the default duration of the Block Out Time Type that you select.
  5. To modify the settings of the block out time, click the block out time on your calendar, then click Modify Block Out Time. The system shows the Block Out Time dialog.
  6. Enter or modify the Block Out Time settings:

    • Block Out Time Type: Click the type of the block out time from the list.
      The Block Out Time Types are created in the Employee > Settings > Block Out Time Types.
    • Start: Click the start time for the block out from the list.
    • Duration: By default, the duration is set based on the Block Out Time Type that you select. To change the duration, click the Duration list and select a different time. You can create a block out times of 30 minutes to a maximum of three hours.
    • End: The end time is automatically calculated based on the start time and the duration of block out.
    • Notes: Enter any notes that you want to record for the block out time. The system displays the notes that you enter here when you place your cursor over the block out time on your appointment book. 
  7. If you want to repeat this block out time in regular intervals, select the Repeat checkbox.
  8. Enter the Repeat settings:

    1. Repeats: select a periodicity for the block out time: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.
    2. Repeat everyenter how often the block out time needs to be booked in terms of the Repeats.

      For example, if you want to set up a regular break out time for the 15 days, do the following:
      1. Click Daily from the Repeats list.
      2. Click 1 from the Repeat every list.
    3. Starts on: it is automatically set to the first occurrence of the block out time. However, you can change the date here to reschedule the first block out time, and the repeat block out times are automatically adjusted.
    4. Ends: if you want to end the repeat block out time after a specific number of occurrences, click After, and then enter the number of occurrences in the box next to it.


      If you want to end the repeats on a specific date, click On, and enter the date.

  9. Click Save.

If you modify an instance in the repeating block out times, the application checks if you want to apply the changes to just the selected block out time, or all the following block out times in the series. If you want to apply the changes to all the remaining block out times that follow, click This and all following instances.

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