Biometric Authentication Doesn't Work with Google Chrome



This issue occurs only when you are using Google Chrome version 45 to run Zenoti. When you try to check-in or check-out an employee using biometric authentication, the system displays the following screen, instead of the regular authentication screen.



This problem occurs because, starting with version 45, Google Chrome has stopped supporting NPAPI plug-ins, including the Java plug-in. The biometric devices supported by Zenoti currently require the Java plug-in to perform the authentication.


Zenoti is working on a solution that does not rely on browser plug-ins. We are planning to roll it out later this month, and will communicate the information you need along with its release.

We recommend you to use any of the following interim solutions to resolve the issue:

Option 1: Change the browser

Switch to Firefox for biometric authentication, while using Chrome for all the other features.

 Download Firefox

Option 2: Switch to manual authentication

To switch to manual authentication, disable biometric authentication both at the organization and the center levels.

Follow these steps to turn off biometric authentication:

  1.  Make these changes for your entire organization:
    1. Make sure you are in the organization view.
    2. Click Admin.
    3. In the Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Organizations > Settings > Employee.
    4. Clear the Enable biometric device usage checkbox
  2. Make these changes for each of your centers:

    1. Make sure you are in the organization view.

    2. Click Admin.

    3. In the Admin Dashboard, click Organization > Centers.

    4. Click the name of a center.

    5. On the Edit Center window, click the Settings tab, then click Employee.

    6. Clear the Use Biometric for Employee Check In checkbox.

After the biometric authentication is disabled, the front desk staff need to click the clock icon clock_icon.png on the appointment book, select an employee name, then enter their credentials for every check-in or check-out. You can waive the front desk authorization of each check-in using the organization-level settings.  Learn how to check-in and check-out employees manually.

Option 3: Use an older version of Chrome

If you want to continue to use Chrome, uninstall the browser, and install an older version. To learn how to install and configure an older version of Chrome, contact support.

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